Convert DVDs, ISOs, and AVI Videos To Play on Your iOS Device

The iOS device plays only a certain format of videos. People who own this device might face a difficulty with playing videos of formats that are not supported by it. There are many users who have a variety of videos in their collection which cannot be viewed because of this problem. This issue can be solved and this will enable them to play videos of different formats in that one device itself. The problem is sorted out by changing the format of unsupported videos to those formats that are supported by the device. There are different softwares that help in doing the same.

convert  avi videos to ios device

Selection of Software For Conversion

We can easily do the conversion with the help of free and open source software. Usually the software used is handbrake.

Ripping a DVD and converting it into MP4/H.264

The latest versions of DVDFab and Handbrake must be downloaded in the computer. They must be installed. The decrypter is available for free. Once the installation is complete the dvd must be popped inside the drive. This is followed by using only the ‘main movie’ option so as to deal with only the main movie and not the other features.

Ripping a DVD and converting it into MP4 H264

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Open Handbrake

Once the DVDfab is done with pulling the files and removing the encryption, Handbrake must be opened.  The source option must be clicked on and then the DVD/VIDEO _TS Folder should be opened.

Open Handbrake

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Browse for folder

Once the window is opened after the previous step, the ripped DVD must be selected and the OK option must be clicked on.

Browse for folder

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Selection of Presets

On the left hand side of the page of Handbrake, there is a menu of presets. The option of iPhone and iPod Touch must be selected out of the available options.

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Making Changes in the Settings

Once the option is selected the preset will put forward the final output settings that will be suitable. These settings can be changed. It must be ensured that the container setting is changed to MP4 and that of the Video Codec is H.264.


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Start the Process of Conversion

Once the changes are made, the start option must be clicked on. This will begin the process of conversion and a window containing the program will open up. This might take a long time. The time depends on the system and the size of the DVD.

start the encoding process

Completion of Conversion

Once the conversion is over you will notice that the size of the file has become smaller than what it originally was.

Move the Converted Videos into iTunes

Once the videos are moved to the iTunes library they should be made in sync with the iOS device.

movie videos to itunes

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Convert ISO files to MP4 /H.264

This can be done through Handbrake as well. The source option must be clicked on and the video file option must be selected. The location of the ISO file to be converted must be navigated through. The procedure for conversion is the same as the previous one described.

Convert AVI Video Files to MP4/H.264

The procedure for conversion is again the same. With the help of Handbrake we can convert these to play them on the iOS device.