Convert PDF Files To Word Documents And Other Formats

PDF file format, or Portable Document Format, is widely used for sharing Word documents with users who do not have a document reader like Word installed on their machines. This format is most useful for preserving the layout of the document as it does not also editing of the document like Word.

Though there is no direct way of saving Word documents in PDF file format, but there are various third-party software available which can be used for saving Word documents in PDF file format as well as for transforming PDF files into Word file format.

Convert PDF file to Word document

Today, it has become quite easy to change your PDF documents containing images and tables, and other graphics, into Word documents. Simply visit and then click Browse button, and select the file you want to convert. By default, the second step of the process will display DOC format.

However, it gives you the option to choose from the different alternatives in which you can change your PDF file, such as RTD, TXT, and HTML. Once you select the desired output format, enter your email address in the step 3 box and then click Convert.

Within few minutes, you will get an email containing the download link for obtaining the converted file. Try this service once, and you will be impressed with the accuracy of the conversion.

Convert PDF file Into Excel Spreadsheet

You can use the same website to create Excel spreadsheets from PDF files. Follow the same steps as mentioned above, but choose TXT format for conversion instead of DOC. Unfortunately, it is not possible to covert the PDF file directly to excel format. Once you follow all steps and get the TXT file downloaded and saved to your PC, open Microsoft Excel, click on File > Open and the select ‘All Files’ from ‘File of Type’ dropdown menu. After this, you will be able to see your txt file in the available file list. Select the file and then click Open.

On doing this, you will see Text Import Wizard pop up on the screen. It is very important to open the file in this way instead of simply opening it in excel as in the latter case, all text appears in a single column instead of appearing in separate columns as it should ideally appear. Complete the wizard and then save as excel file.

Convert PDF file to JPEG file

One way to convert PDF documents to JPEG image format is using the same process as mentioned above. Another way of doing so is to download a freeware called Omniformat from its website.

 Go to the download page, download Omniformat v8.3 along with PDF995 app. Make sure to install PDF995 before installing Omniformat. Once both the software are installed, choose program Software995 and then click Omniformat.

Though you may have to view few ads before you can use this program for free, but it is surely a great way of converting PDF files into JPEGs without having to pay 20-30 dollars for a special software.