Convert Photos To Flash For Your Website

If you have just launched a Website related to your personal or official niche, one of vital tasks for you will be to upload the relevant images and photo albums for the visitors. Possibly you might have collected a myriad of pictures and photos related to the content on your Website. Now, you seriously cannot upload these images one by one, as it would result in a long list of pictures. Moreover, no visitor has that much patience to click photos one by one for visiting your visual offers.

Therefore, you need to organize your pictures by classifying photos into categories by date or theme and creating the photo shows for making different albums. To achieve the above mentioned goal smartly, you need to convert images into flash slideshows.

What Will Transform Photos Into Flash Slideshows

The Photo Flash Maker is a free tool that allows transforming photos into flash slideshows in just three steps that are easy to follow. Available for Windows XP, Vista, and 7; this tool offers plenty of flash templates that you can customize without any need to code. Further, it allows sharing both photo and video slideshows via your Website.

How To Get The Photo Flash Maker

All you need to do is to download and install the free application from The best part is that the installation process is very quick and simple.

When you launch the application, you will first come across the Slideshow Wizard that will take you through three simple steps for making a dynamic Flash gallery. As a tip, select the check box at the lower left corner so that the wizard does not bother you every time you start the application.

When you close this wizard, you will see the Main window on which the wizard was superimposed. The most useful sections on this window are its seven menus and three tabs.

How To Use The Photo Flash Maker

You can start making your Flash slideshows by exploring any of the two ways: Wizard or Three Tabs on the Toolbar that are nothing but the three steps to complete your task. In this article, we shall use the Wizard, as that’s the easy way to make Flash slideshows.

First, you need to select File --> New Project From Wizard from the Menu bar.

This will open the Add Images to Slideshow dialog box that will show the Open dialog box so that you can browse and select the photos that you want to include in the Flash slideshow.

After Adding the desired photos

Click Next to open the Select Slideshow Theme screen and select the suitable theme or frame style for your slideshow.

Now, click Next to open the Create Slideshow screen and set the output folder location, flash file name, and Html file name. Finally, click the Publish Now! button to open the Publish window. Herein, you can select to view your file or upload it directly on your site.

While you are viewing your Html file in a browser, an ad-like list appears at the bottom, which you will always love to remove. Well, the good news is that you can easily remove the ad by opening the html file and deleting the entire  element that has the ad text in it.

And yes, there is one more drawback that is a banner appearing at the show’s end. However, I think that’s ok to bear if you are really getting a cool slideshow.

Lastly, you need to set the most vital options for smooth running of the slideshow. To do so, select PREFERENCE --> Options to open the Options dialog box with the General Options on the right.

Here, you need to delete the default URL, clear the Show Title on each photo check box to ensure clean show, and change the JPEG Quality to 100 for an ideal look. Next, on the left, you can explore the Background Music and Image Options for changing the background music quality and thumbnail/image scaling settings.