Copy Excel Formatting The Easy Way With Format Painter

When it comes to Excel spreadsheets, formatting the cells has many benefits. First, it makes it easier for the reader to distinguish between the cells according to the content. Second, the reader also finds it easier to spot the desired information. Third, formatting the cells makes the sheet looks more attractive.

Now, if you have worked with Excel, you must have definitely felt the need to have the same formatting for some group of cells either across the sheets of the same workbook or of different workbooks. For example, the cells with headings in the different sheets mostly need same formatting. Now here, the only practical way to ensure same formatting is to copy it from one cell to another. This is where the Format Painter feature comes at rescue. Let us check out how to use this feature in Excel 2007.

Problem: Have To Apply Same Formatting To Many Sheets In A Workbook

Let us consider a scenario wherein you are creating an Excel workbook in 2007 for maintaining the daily schedule for your each team member. You are doing so, as you are the Project Manager. Now, while creating the sheets, you found that the cells containing the headings need same formatting such as bold, bordered, and red color. Now, you cannot press Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V directly, as that will result in changing the heading text of the destination cells as well, which you do not want. So, you are looking for a more apt solution in this matter.

Solution: Use The Format Painter

Format Painter is quite handy when you want to reproduce the formatting of one cell in another without changing the content in the destination cell. It makes it really easy to use the same formatting with just some clicks. You can copy the text size, color, style, font, border, alignment, and background color through the Format Painter within a sheet and across the sheets of a workbook or across the sheets of different workbooks. Above all, it is quite simple to use it. If you have ever used it in the previous version of MS Excel, you would know that Format Painter is a time saving tool, especially while maintaining complex sheets.

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Implement The Solution: The Home Tab Offers The Format Painter Icon

In Excel 2007, you will find the Format Painter feature as the paintbrush icon in the Home tab of the Ribbon. It works in the same manner as in the previous versions of Excel. Here are the steps to copy Excel formatting with Format Painter in the same workbook or in different workbooks.

1. Open the desired Excel worksheet.

2. Select the cell whose formatting needs to be applied to other cells.

3. In the Home tab, under the Clipboard group located to the extreme left, double-click the Format Painter icon. Your cursor now includes a paintbrush visual.

4. Click the cell to which the formatting needs to be applied. In case of multiple cells, select all of them at once. If the destination cells are non-adjacent, just keep on clicking each cell individually.

5. Once you are done, click the Format Painter icon again or press Esc to eliminate the brush visual attached to the cursor.

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