Copy Website Tables Into Excel 2007 Spreadsheets

Have you ever faced a situation wherein you have to copy tables from a Website into an Excel spreadsheet for preparing reports? Well, you must have if you are a Commerce Student, Accountant, Broker in Stock Market, or a Data Entry Operator. So, until now, how did you manage to copy the tables from a Website?

In general, there are two methods for this task, which are copying the data directly from the site and saving the page in HTML format. However, the former method does not offer you the precise or readable format; while the latter one is really not feasible. In short, both the methods are certainly not practical enough to be performed by a professional Office user. Fortunately, MS Excel offers an easy way to copy tables from Websites into spreadsheets. Let us check about this in detail now!

Problem: Need Online Tables In Excel 2007

Let us assume a scenario wherein you are working in a life insurance company. You have been assigned the task of collating data regarding the online loan requests. It is obvious that these requests exist on the official site of the company.

When you open the site and search for the requests according to day, week, or month; you see the details in a tabular format. Now, you want this table in Excel 2007 so that you can easily send the received requests for processing. Further, such an Excel sheet will also act as a record of proof for the company, which means you also need to ensure that this work is done without any error. So, is there a seamless solution?

Solution: Import The Table In Excel 2007 Spreadsheet

With the above scenario in mind, the ideal option would be to import the table into an Excel 2007 spreadsheet. You need not have to install any third-party application for the same. This is because Excel 2007 itself offers you this option via which you can include the tables of Websites for preparing and managing financial or customer reports.

Implement The Solution: Use The Data Tab To Get External Data

MS Excel 2007 allows you to import or copy the external data from the Web via its Data tab in just a few seconds. Here are the steps to copy or import Website tables in Excel 2007.

1. Ensure that the Internet connection is on.

2. Open the spreadsheet in which you want to import the online table.

3. Select the Data tab from the Ribbon.

4. In the Get External Data group, click the From Web button. The New Web Query dialog box is displayed.

5. In the Address bar, enter the URL of the site from where you want to import or copy the table.

6. Click the Go button. The Web page is displayed wherein the table elements will have the yellow arrow icons on their top-left corners.

7. Click the yellow arrow icon of the required table that you want to import. The icon turns into a green checkmark.

8. Repeat the above step if you want to copy or import more than one table.

9. Click the Import button. A small message box is displayed indicating that MS Excel is contacting the server that hosts the Web page. Now, the Import Data dialog box is displayed.

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10. Select the cell where you want the table to start.

11. Click OK. MS Excel will now start to retrieve data from the site. The duration of this retrieval will purely depend on the amount of data to be imported.