Create a Beautiful & Easy To Update Blog with Tumblr

In this digital world, everyone is a writer and everyone is a reader. You can share your feelings, thoughts, recipes, products, skills, services and many more things with the world and you just have to create a blog for it.

However, the old blogging ways are out of date now and people find it really difficult to work on those platforms and if you are facing a similar problem then Tumblr is a very good option to consider. It is free, easy to use and provide many options so that you can concentrate on your content and graphics rather than worrying about technical things. Let’s see how to use Tumblr blog.


Signing-Up for Tumblr is very easy and of course, free too. Open in your browser and enter the email address, desired password and URL for the blog you want to create.

You can also change the name of your blog later so don’t worry about thinking a lot on it and click on ‘Sign Up and start posting’ and type the Capatcha words in the provided space and click ‘I’m Human’ and you will be ready to post now.

Text Editor

After the sign up process, now you are ready to create your blog. Firstly, you will come across various icons and you can choose to create a text blog post or from text, photo, quote, link, chat, audio or video.

The text editor window is very easy to use and you can use the standard keyboard shortcuts for editing. After typing or pasting the text, you can simply click ‘Create Post’ to publish the blog.

Upload Photo

If you want to upload a photo in your blog then click ‘Choose File’ and then navigate to the desired image from your system. Alternatively, you can also provide the link for image or take a fresh picture from webcam.

Attach Link

Moreover, if you want to attach a link with your blog about similar articles or anything else then it is also fairly simple. Just type the title and paste the URL in the respective places, you add also add description about the link and then click ‘Create post’.

Blog Customization

After creating the first blog, Tumblr interface will offer you to customize it. You can either just upload a portray photo and the title or click on ‘Show all appearance options’ for further options.

Under the customization, you can work on themes, appearance, pages, services, community and advanced options. Just make the changes and click ‘Save’ here. Moreover, unlike other free blogging websites, you will find many themes to suit the content style of your blog.

Tumblr is a great option for everyone. You can create blogs for checking the worth of your writing, share your pictures with the world or assemble cool links from around the web. It is a great platform that provides some advanced features for blogging but keeps them simple for an average user who doesn’t want to spend his time messing up with settings.