Create A Customized Tab On The Office 2010 Ribbon

Do you hate using the brand-new Ribbon of Office 2010? Well, it is not only you. There are many people around the world who find it difficult to use the Ribbon for spotting the frequently-used commands.

Indeed, some even have dubbed the Ribbon as an unnecessary addition, as it just frustrates the user when she or he is unable to find the commands. However, the good news is that you no longer have to hate the Ribbon. This is because I am going to share with you a secret via which you will enjoy using the Ribbon. Are you keen to know this secret? Well, continue reading the article.

Problem: This 2010 Ribbon Is Frustrating

Let us assume a scenario wherein you have just moved to MS Office 2010 directly from MS Office 2003. You work daily on MS Word and MS Excel. On seeing the completely changed interface of these applications, you are now worried about your productivity and speed. This is mainly because you are of the opinion that you will now take even more time in looking for the most useful commands.

Moreover, you are not aware of the shortcut keys for all of them. So, you are finding it very tough to use the Ribbon. Nevertheless, you are surely going to take some time to get acquainted with the new user interface. Is there a better way of using the Ribbon?

Solution: Create Your Own Tab On The Ribbon

By looking at the Ribbon, you can easily conclude that all your commands are grouped under tabs that act as the major components. As a solution to the above problem, you just have to create a tab wherein you can put all your frequently used commands so that you need not have to search for them every now and then. The best part is that you can do so even without knowing as to which command is under which tab. So, all you need to do is make a list of commands that you want this new tab to hold for you. Cool na?

Implement The Solution: Use Customize the Ribbon Option From The Contextual Menu Of The Ribbon

You are about to create a custom tab on the Ribbon, which is as good as customizing the Ribbon. You can do so in any of the Office 2010 applications. Here are the steps to create a customized tab on the Ribbon of MS Word 2010.

1. Open MS Word.

2. Right-click the Ribbon. A contextual menu is displayed.

3. Select Customize the Ribbon option. The Word Options dialog box is displayed.

4. Click the New Tab button below the second list box on the right side.

The Rename dialog box is displayed.

5. Enter a suitable name in the Display name text box.

6. Click OK.

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7. Drag the required commands from the left list box to the new tab in the right list box. In case you do not find your commands, select All Commands from the Choose commands from combo box on the left.

You are now ready to work with MS Word 2010 in the quickest as well as easiest manner. Further, in case you need such tabs in other Office applications as well, you must open each of them and repeat the steps.

Alternatively, instead of clicking the New Tab button, you can simply select the desired option from the Import/Export drop-down button if you want to have the same tab.