Create Panoramic Photos with Windows Live Photo Gallery

When someone takes photography classes, most of the time the very first exercise that he / she undergoes in making panoramas. Before digital cameras came into the picture, this process involved taking a series of pictures, spending considerable time inside the dark room lining up the negatives carefully, and then exposing them to photographic paper strips.

However, today, with the help of a digital camera and Windows Live Photo Gallery, the entire process has become extremely simple. Read on to find out how you can create panoramic photos with the help of windows live photo gallery.

windows live photo gallery

Choosing the Photos

The most complex thing when it comes to stitching panoramas is to choose the right photos. The application automatically evaluates the different photos and stitches them together, resulting in a panorama that appears like a single long photograph. It is important for the photos to be enough overlapping so that they can be recognized as contiguous pictures, yet different enough that you don’t need to worry about a subject in the first picture being partially stitched into the second photo. Besides this, the photos also need to have enough details to enable the software to recognize them as the same scene. This means that pictures with plain backgrounds such as a cloudless sky will not give much to the program that it can would with.

Create a Workspace

When you are editing photos, it is a good idea to create a separate folder and copy all the concerned photos in it. This will help in avoiding any mistakes or threat of losing original pictures.

create a workspace

Getting to Work

Now that you have created a safe workspace, it is time to get to work. The next step is to stitch the photos together by Clicking Create section. Choose the pictures you wish to stitch together. This can be done by holding the Ctrl key and clicking the desired pictures.

choosing photos

Next, click Panorama button. Once you do this, the Stitching Panoramic window will open up, which is the indicator that your photos are being merged together.

create panorama

When the program will finish joining the pictures together, a Save window will pop up asking you to give a name to the new creation. Click Save.

save panoramic stich

Some Clean Up Work is Needed

It is an essential part of the stitching process that few sections of the image need to be enlarged or sometimes even distorted. This can often lead to the development of ugly black spaces around the picture. In order to fix this, open up the picture. Click on Crop available under the Edit menu. Drag the cropping rectangle in such a way that it covers only the picture, without the black space. Click Enter.

cropping panoramic photo

Time to Play

Simply browse away from the recently cropped image and Windows Live Photo Gallery will automatically save it.


So, it is too evident that creating panoramic images becomes extremely simple with the help of Windows Live Photo Gallery. The key is to experiment and learn as much as you can about developing different kinds of images and effects to make your photos more special.