Create Read Later Lists In Google Chrome Via Read It Later Extension

We all are living in the age of information explosion. Daily, we come across a lot of information irrespective of the time, location, and source. Now, going through all the information in real time is certainly not that easy.

For example, on the Internet, you will see many articles that are worth reading, but you will not be able to go through all of them in one go or in one day. So, in this case, you will certainly bookmark the articles. However, when it comes to bookmarking, you might do so for other reasons such as sharing the URLs with somebody later rather than only reading it. Further, you will have to manually delete the bookmarks after referring them.

However, what if I tell you that there is an extension that can automatically create and delete a temporary list of bookmarks? Well, this is the Local Read Later extension that is available for Google Chrome to manage the Read Later list. With handier extensions being released at regular intervals, Google Chrome certainly deserves to be the browser of your choice. Anyways, we shall now see how to use this extension to create a list of Read Later stuff.

Installing the Local Read Later Extension

This is really easy and fast in Google Chrome. First, you need to go to and click the Add to Chrome button.

local read later extension

This will open the Confirm Installation dialog box wherein you need to click the Install button.

install local read later extension

Doing so will add the extension as the new Toolbar button. However, it does not end the procedure of installation. There is one more step to go.

Now, you will have to open the Extensions page via the URL, chrome://extensions, locate the newly added extension, and click Options to determine how a saved Web site would be dealt with after clicking it in the list.

local read later extension options

On opening the Options page, you will see that atop is the most important option or default setting that will influence the working of the extension.

local read later extension options

According to the option, whenever you click a saved Web site in the list (drop-down), it will be automatically deleted, which is fine if you do not need the link.

In case you disable this option, then you can get rid of the sites manually via the Pages to read (JSON) box. Herein, you can convert all the list entries into bookmarks. Further, you can also copy or restore the list later.

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Making The Read Later List

Now, it’s the time for action. Open the URL that you desire to read later and press Ctrl + Alt + R. Voila! The page is added to the list immediately. Want the proof? Well, a red blinking box with NEW appears below the blue toolbar button for some seconds after which it becomes a green count box.

green count box

Just click the button and a drop-down list will appear with the site added to it.

local read later extension drop down

You need to use the keyboard shortcut for every page that you wish to read after some time. Want to know what will happen to the Pages to read (JSON) box? Well, it will contain the URLs of the sites that you add to the drop-down list.

In case you have enabled the first check box on the Options page, just access the drop-down list and select the page that you want to view. The Web page is displayed in a new tab, but its URL is automatically removed from the list.