Creating A Free Blog Has Never Been So Easy

Creating a free blog website has never been easier. There are hundreds of free blog-creation websites that allow you to have your own personal voice and can help you broaden your communication. For anyone looking to start his/her first blog, there are a number of blogging sites on the Internet that will not only walk you through their easy process of blog creation but will also offer a number of user-friendly features. Having your own blog and building community of people who are like-minded has never been so easier and affordable. Here are the steps to create a free blog website.

Get A Free E-Mail Address

The first step towards building your free blog is to get a free e-mail address. Register yourself with any websites such as, or that offers free e-mail service. Choose a name that matches or reflects the page title you decide to create. Also choose your password and make sure it is secure. It is good to choose a password that contains letters, both lowercase and uppercase along with one of two numbers.

Select A Blog Website

There are a number of blog websites such as WordPress and Blogger that can help you create a free blog. Register with the one that reflects your interests. You can register your blog name using the e-mail address that you created. The directions of blog registration will be available at the website. Make sure you follow each and every step carefully. Follow by choosing a desired template and blog format. Another important step is choosing people who are allowed to view the blog or comment on a blog posts. You may make your blog public or limit the use of blog to only few viewers. If you leave it open, anyone and everyone can read the blog posts and comment on it.

Customize Your Blog

Now that your blog has been created, it’s time to login to your blog and customize it. Look for the “Settings” link and click on it. Enter a title along with a tagline. While title should preferably be keyword rich, the tagline should describe the purpose of your blog. Familiarize yourself with different customization options the website offers and customize your blog accordingly.

Arrange Page Elements

Now is the time to get the desired look to your free blog. Look for the “Layout” tab and click on it in order to arrange various elements of your page. Find out how you can edit your template colors and fonts. Also find how to edit HTML or pick up an entirely new template. You can also add ads, text or links by using different options carefully. Most of the websites like WordPress, blogger allow the elements to be changed anytime.

Write Blog Posts

Now that you have already created your free blog website, it’s time to write your first blog post. Look for the “Posting” tab and click on it. You’ll have to enter a title in the title field and then type your first blog post in the provided text box. Your first blog post must introduce the mission or theme of your blog. You can also format the text by using formatting options available on toolbar, generally present above the text box. To post your blog post, press the “Publish” tab.

Now that your free blog website has been created, it’s very important to make sure that you keep publishing quality content frequently. Also work on optimizing your free blog for search engines.