Crop, Edit, and Print Photos in Windows 7 Media Center

Windows 7 Media Center is one of the most popular and easy to use application for displaying and managing one’s photos. Most of us occasionally need to make certain changes or edits in our pictures, which can also be done with the help of Windows 7 Media Center.

Here is a guide to help you learn how you can crop, edit, or print photos with the help of this efficient application.

windows media centre

Go to the Windows Media Center Picture Library, and choose the photo that you need to edit, crop, or print; right click on it and choose Picture Details. This option can also be accessed through Media Center remote by clicking on the ‘i’ button. In this menu, you will also get the option for rotating the picture if you want.

Rotate a Picture

Once you enter the Picture details screen, you will be able to see various options using which you can rotate, touch up, delete, print, or burn images to a CD / DVD. If you want to rotate your picture, click rotate. With each click, the picture will be rotated on a 90 degree angel in the clockwise direction. This new orientation of your image will then be displayed on Picture detail screen once you click on Rotate.

rotate a picture

Print a Picture

In the same picture detail screen, click on Print. Click Print again and the image would automatically be printed on your default printer by the Media Center.

print a picture

So always make sure that the printer you want to use is set as default before clicking on Print.

click print photo from windows 7 media centre

Edit and Crop Photos

If you wan to crop or edit your images, click Touch Up on the picture detail screen. The options available to you under the touch up menu include red eye remove, contrast, and crop. First of all, let us learn how to crop our photos with the help of the crop option. Once you click crop, a cropping area overlay will appear on the top of your photo.

edit photo in windows 7 media centre

Select any of the below given buttons for adjusting the size, location, as well as orientation of the selected area to be cropped. Once you are satisfied with your selection, choose Save. After this, you will get the screen where you need to confirm that you wish to save. Click Yes to save your edits permanently.

save a cropped photo

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You can also used Red eye removal and contrast options on your photographs, if desired. No advanced setting options are available for these features. The only thing you can do is toggle the contrast and red eye on and off with the help of this option.

apply changes to photo

Make sure to save your edits before exiting as all the changes you have made will be removed if you don’t click save.

saving changes to photo

Though it is true that Windows 7 Media Center cannot replace your favorite advanced image editing software, but it can surely help you make basic edits as well as print images directly through Windows Media Center. Furthermore, using the Windows Media Center remote, you can also do all these edits while lazing around in the comforts of your recliner.