Customize Your WordPress Blog & Build An Audience

Nothing is as simple as customizing your WordPress blog. With loads of features and plug-ins ready to serve you, customizing a blog is no big deal. It is so simple and straightforward, even the newbie can do it easily. The customization features are a tad lesser as compared to those features that are available for the full WordPress program that runs on your server.

Tips To Customize WordPress Blog

Personalize Your Blog

How To Customize WordPress Blog

One of the most fascinating options of WordPress is the personalize option. The options needed for making these changes are categorized under the “Appearance” menu.  There are sub-menus like Themes, Widgets, Extras, Background, etc. Let us have a look at them.


You can handle themes in whichever way you like – you can change the current theme or importantly, edit the one you like. But first, you will have to open the themes page. Clicking the page will open the available themes for you. The themes will be displayed randomly. However, you can sort them in alphabetical order or arrange according to their popularity or when they were added.

Tips To Customize WordPress Blog

One drawback of the WordPress themes is that you cannot upload your own theme. However, there is no need to worry for you. There are new themes being added every often. So you will never run out of your choice.

Search Themes Easily

How To Customize WordPress Blog

You can search themes according to the subject of your blog. For that you can use the Feature Filter option. You can select from a range of options that appear on the page.


The ability to use a wide range of widgets is what makes WordPress a popular blogging platform. With the help of widgets, you can add tweets, interesting and recent articles, pictures, etc. When you open the widgets page, you will see the available widgets in WP.

Steps To Customize WordPress Blog

Select the one of your choice and drag and drop it to the area specified for the widgets. Various themes have diverse places to place the widgets.

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WordPress shows the names of previous web sites whenever a user hovers the arrow over the links. It also shows the related links at the bottom of your articles. These add-ons are known as Extras. If you wish to remove these features, you can go to the “Extras” page and uncheck the options you don’t like.

Building Your Audience

When you have done all the hard work, what you now want are visitors to your blog. WordPress makes it easier for your site to be found on the search engines. The default setting for the WordPress allows the pages to be indexed by search engines.

How To Customize WordPress Blog

However, if you are blogging professionally, you should always allow your blog to be searched by the search engines. Social networking is a great help. With WordPress, you can share the links on various social networking sites.

How To Customize WordPress Blog

Go to My Blogs – the option is on the Dashboard. Through the Publicize category, you can automatically post your updates on Yahoo!, Facebook and Twitter. For this you will have to authorize the connection with the social network in question.