Deactivate Location-Aware Browsing In Firefox 3.5

Are you new to Mozilla Firefox 3.5? Well, then you will surely admire its location-aware browsing feature via which search engines and other sites ask your location for offering more relevant information. For example, if you are searching for a good restaurant in your current area via the keyword ‘restaurant’, the site might ask your current location so that it can display all the restaurants nearby the area without the need of extra typing.

Isn’t this cool? Well, but sometimes, you might not like to use this feature. So, let’s explore this feature in detail!

How Location-Aware Browsing Works

By default, location-aware browsing determines your location by using the Google location services. It basically finds out your machine’s IP address, close by wireless access points and their extra information, and an arbitrary client identifier that expires every two weeks.

Even more admirable is the fact that this feature is optional, as Firefox will never reveal your location without your consent. So, whenever you come across a Web site that needs your location, a pop-up bar atop the browsing window becomes visible to obtain your permission for sharing your location data. This bar has two buttons namely, Share Location and Don’t Share. Now, you can choose between the two.

Why Would I Deactivate Location-Aware Browsing

Can you guess this? Well, it’s none other than the privacy factor. At any point of time, if you feel that giving away your geographical location info is not safe, you can always click the Don’t Share button.

However, what if you do not want to see that pop-up bar at all if you are too much worried of your privacy? Well, this is when you will have to deactivate location-aware browsing by switching off this feature.

How To Disable Location-Aware Browsing

First, open Firebox and enter about:config in the Address bar, which will display a message box.

Next, click the I’ll be careful, I promise! button in the box and you will be taken to the list of config preferences.

Now, enter geo.enabled in the Filter bar to find the preference with the same name.

Once you see this preference name, right-click on its true value and select Toggle.

That’s it! You have disabled the geo-location feature. Before you move ahead, just notice that the value under the Status column is now changed to user set from default.

Further, the complete row is now in bold. Finally, restart Firefox.

What if you were already using this feature before? What if you have already shared your location with some sites? In this case, you will have to clear the browser history and revoke permissions as well. To take back the granted permission for sharing, you need to first launch the Web site with whom your location is shared and select Tools --> Page Info.

The Page Info window is displayed wherein you need to select the Permissions tab and clear the Always Ask check box in the Share Location segment.

Now, the selected Block option is no longer disabled.

Next, you have to do something to deal with the client identification number. So, select Tools --> Clear Recent History to open the Clear Recent History dialog box.

Next, select the suitable option from the Time range to clear combo box.

For example, you can select Everything to clear full history.

If you select this option, click the Details Arrow icon to expand the window and ensure that the Cookies option is selected.

Finally, click the Clear Now button. Now, you can surf the Internet without Location-Aware browsing.