Dealing With Windows Vista Explorer Screwing Up Auto-Detection Of Folder Types

Many times we tend to get frustrated with Vista because of the issues that are faced when we use the Windows Explorer. You must have observed frequently that when you use the Details mode for some of your folders, the Vista automatically changes the look of the folder to give you a completely different demeanor with settings that you had not chosen.

Dealing With Windows Vista Explorer Screwing Up Auto-Detection Of Folder Types

The reason for this strange updation is that the Vista has “Auto-Detects” configured. This automatically gives Vista the authorization for selecting the folder type for the user. However, this detection is not correct most of the times. The result is that your folder shows different columns than the ones you had selected.

How to Reset the Folder Type?

This can be done manually. Most often than not, Vista detects your folder incorrectly as the wrong type. Let’s say your folder contains a single music file, the Vista will mistakenly identify this folder as a music folder and will end up showing columns for only music files. This will result in no show of other columns altogether.

You can change the settings of Vista manually. Go to the folder and right click on it. Select the option “Customize This Folder”. This will give you a drop down menu. Select the “All Items’’ from the drop down list instead of what it has been set to automatically by Vista. Once this is done, you may be required to make changes in the View section as well. Only then will you have access to the details that you select. This will also let you choose the columns you want to keep. But all this can be achieved only after making changes in the setting. Hopefully the Vista will recognize and keep the changes.

How to Reset Folder Views?

Windows Vista has a different location for storing the display settings that are made for each and every folder. This location is in the registry. But, the settings nonetheless change and result in a major chaos when you decide to access your folders with the changes that you had made. In case you wish to reset the views of the folder, you will have to first remove the keys with the view information.

Dealing With Windows Vista Explorer Screwing Up Auto-Detection Of Folder Types

To do this, go to regedit.exe and start a search in the menu box. You will come to:

Here you will find numerous keys in the Bags key. These keys will all have numeric names. Search for the one that is in sync with the name of the folder that is giving your trouble. Once you find the key, right click and delete it. You also have the option of deleting all the settings. This will help you start again with a clean slate. If you want to, you can make a back-up of the section in the registry that you have deleted.

How to Use the ExplorerView?

Using the ExplorerView will help you turn off the automatic updation that causes so many issues. ExplorerView is a free application that helps disable the auto-detection of folders that Vista is so fond of doing. First download and then install the application. Launch ExplorerView. Click the “Disallow Explorer to Auto-Detect Folder Contents” and your troubles are taken care of.