Detect and Eliminate Malware Using Windows Defender

Windows Defender is a free anti-spyware tool that is an integral part of the Windows Vista. Microsoft provides this application absolutely free of cost to all users who use Windows XP on the operating system. The anti-spyware kit of Windows Defender can be directly downloaded from the internet by XP users.

remove malware with windows defender

Features of Windows Defender

Windows Defender allows for scheduled, real-time as well as manual scanning. The application uses spyware software that keeps getting updated automatically. Windows Defender doesn’t compromise on the performance or quality of any of the programs that run using the application. As a matter of fact, many users use the application to run various programs right when they start up the operating system.

However, if one is making use of another anti-spyware application, there is no need to run Windows Defender as well. In this case, disabling the application is a better option as it would help enhance the performance of the third party anti-spyware software. If you still have doubts about this being a Windows Tweaking Myth, you have the option of questioning a tech-savvy person and clearing your doubts.

How to Use Windows Defender

Go to Tools and Settings section to prevent other applications from working right on starting the system. Simply select Software Explorer to disable the applications. Any other changes in the running of the applications can be made right here.

Many people do not like running the Real-Time application because it makes the hard drive busy for a long time. To prevent this problem you can disable the application by making changes in the Options menu. Go to Options and uncheck the “use real-time protection” box. Disabling the Real-Time application is a good way of enhancing the battery life of the laptop.

eliminating malware with windows defender

Enabling the feature of automatic updates will help the protection database get updated always. This way you can avoid the extra effort you will have to put in to manually update the database every few weeks or even days.

windows defender features

Windows Defender gives its users the plenty of options that are very useful and benefitting when it comes to scanning. You have the Quick Scans option which mainly protects the important data files of your operating system; the Full Scan option protects all files and folders from viruses that come directly from the internet as well as from using infected devices like pen drive, DVDs etc; the Custom Scan gives the user the option of scanning any application including downloaded material from the web.

how to use windows defender


Windows Defender has evolved considerably since the time it was first introduced. In effect, the application is dependable anti-spyware software which has various features that give the users freedom to run the scan anytime they want. It also lets the users view the scan logs in case of doubts.

However, for users who use Windows XP as their operating device, it is best to install third-party software instead of using Windows Defender. There is plenty of anti-spyware software available for free on the internet that can be downloaded to schedule the scans.

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