Different Selection Criteria For Selecting Printer

Printer is an output peripheral device that is useful in printing documents, sheets, or other important notes that is stored in electronic form like paper or transparencies. Printers are locally associated with the computers, which can be directly connected using either printer cable or USB cables.

There are several types and brand of printer available in market that can be used according to the requirement. Selecting an appropriate printer can be bit confusing and tedious job as the market is flooded with variety of printers with different price and model.

Different Criteria To Keep In Mind While Selecting Printer


The technology defines technique used by the printer to print on paper as today mainly there are two types of printer like ink jet and laser printer.  Ink jet printer is mostly useful for home based application as it is affordable and easy to use with effective settings. Laser printer is useful for business and office work as it is costlier than ink jet printer. This printer produces high quality output without compromising on speed and efficiency.


The resolution of the printer is measured as dot per inch. While purchasing the printer it is important to know the DPI of the printer as this defines the capability of the printer to print data on the page.

More the DPI it will produce a high quality output. Sometimes some of the manufacturer of printer provides software that can be used to increase the DPI capability of printing, so make sure that you have such kind of software while purchasing the printer.


It is an important criterion while selecting the printer as it defines complete functionality of printer. Speed is defined as PPM or page per minute. The speed ranges from 4 and more than 10 PPM for printers. Speed of printer depends on various factors like Black/ White, Color, text only or full page so while purchasing the printer make sure that you are selecting appropriate printer with correct speed. Laser printer is pretty faster than ink jet printers.

Ink Price

If the printer is used more frequently price of ink form one of the important factor while selecting printer as you may see that the price of ink is much costlier than the price of printer itself, so select a printer where the ink can be obtained at economic cost.

Availability of Ink

Sometimes purchasing ink for the printer can be a time consuming task as not all the manufacturer or retailer will offer you to purchase ink from them. So you have to find for a store where you can get original and good quality printer ink. Inquire about different stores that sell printer ink so that you don’t find getting it difficult.

Type of Ink

Before purchasing the printer you have to consider what type of ink can be used along with the printer. If selecting ink jet printer than see that it accepts separate color cartridge.

There are two type of cartridge ink or ink and nozzle cartridge. The cartridge with ink and nozzle will cost you more. Select appropriate ink type that is compatible with the printer.

Paper handling

It is important to consider about the paper that is handled by the printer as paper handling varies from printer to printer. The method printer uses to handle paper and distribute it also forms one of the important thing to keep in mind while selecting, as many ink jet printer well feeds paper through the slot provided on top of the printer, while laser printer has a tray that feeds paper. The paper that is used to print should also be considered while selecting printer.

Cost Per Page

If you are going to use printer for home use than the cost per page should be calculated for the printer as the cost per page may cost you say $20 per month and some other printer may cost $30 per month than it is sensible to select the printer that will cost $20 per month if this printer does not compromise with the quality and speed of printing. So by comparing this cost per page you can select printer that will be efficient and economic.


Make sure that the printer does not require additional add-ons like cables, tray, ink and software as this may increase the overall cost of the printer.  Some of the manufacturer of printer doesn’t provide software, so this has to be purchased by the customer that is not included in the total cost of printer.

Printer Price

This is one of the important criteria while selecting the printer, as price of ink jet and laser printer are different and may vary according to the quality of printer and brand of printer. The cost of laser and ink jet printer is as follows:

Ink jet printer   $100.00 – $400.00
Laser printer     $300.00 – $2,000.00 and more


Select printer that will cost you less on its maintenance as excessive and continues use of printer may lead to major printer problems that may cost more on maintenance.

Check for easy availability of ink, cartridges, software, tray and other parts if these parts get damaged so that they can be replaced easily. Make sure that the vendor provides warranty or guarantee for the printer and is an authorized dealer for the printer so that you can replace damaged or malfunction printer.

Other Things To Keep In Mind

While selecting printer read about it, using references from internet, technical magazines or even discuss about it with your friends so that you can select better printer and get worth utilization against the price invested in purchasing the printer. Read about reviews and ratings given to the printer by several web sites, so that you can know about forthcoming problems that may arise while using the printer. You must know the features of the printer, so that you can select appropriate printer that serve all kind of functions like print, fax, copy and scan so that you don’t have to invest on purchasing these machine separately.