Make Your Communication Effectual With Different Types Of Electronic Communications

Instant messaging, social networking websites, text messaging, voicemail and e-mail are some examples of electronic communication. There is no doubt that electronic communication has completely changed the way people communicate and interact with each other. If used effectively, electronic communication can herald all barriers of communication, whether you do it for business or some personal purpose. With electronic communication, it is very easy to keep in touch with the whole world. Below are different electronic Communication types along with their strengths and weaknesses which will aid you in choosing the best mode of electronic communication for yourself.


e-Mail or electronic mail is one of the most preferred and most used form of electronic communication. These are typed messages that can be sent across any other person instantaneously. You essentially require an e-mail account for sending your message, important documents, media files, spreadsheets, images and a lot more at someone else’s e-mail account.

The ease of usage and several other advantages have made is a reality that e-mail has replaced several conventional forms of communication. There has been a steep decline in the number of letters that were being sent by post. Instead people these days prefer sending an e-mail which is a more appropriate and fool-proof method of communication.

There are several advantages that e-mailing offers. Other than being absolutely free, e-mail is also easy to use, easy to prioritize and easy to refer. Moreover, messages are sent within a blink of the eye and the connection is also quite fast. The best part about e-mailing or using any form of electronic communication is that it does not cause any harm to the environment.

Instant Messaging

Instant messaging allows one-on-one interaction with people who are miles away from us. Advanced computer technology and popularity of Internet usage has made it possible to use Instant Messengers and communicate with people who are located very far from us, without any hassles. With the help of instant messengers like Windows live messenger, Skype messenger, Gmail chat or AOL Instant Messenger, we can directly send message or chat with our friends, relatives and acquaintances, without spending a dime.

There are several advantages that instant messaging offers over e-mail. Firstly, the messages sent as well as the responses are real-time. However, something that you must always watch out for is to not open or download files that unknown people send across. Most of the times, such files contain nothing but virus that can halt the working of your computer, giving you a lot of trouble.

Video Chat

Development of web cameras has added a momentum to electronic communication. With the help of a web camera and video chatting applications, you can not only interact with a person, you can also see with whom you are communicating. Web cams need to be attached as an external device to the computer. You may also use an external program like Gmail, Skype or Windows Live video chat to make a video conversation possible.

Let’s discuss some advantages of video chatting. The first obvious advantage is that you can reach anyone instantaneously, irrespective of time. Amongst other advantages, video chatting using Internet does not require you to spend money, you may also use business-conferencing feature and interact with more than one person at a time. Moreover, if you are conferencing for business purposes, you may also share data sheets and PowerPoint presentations online.


Blogging is currently one of the most preferred ways of communicating openly. Blogging is a kind of online journaling that helps people speak their mind and also keep in touch with friends and family. Blogs are updated on daily basis, at times, several times a day and covers details about a person’s life and interest. Blogging can also be about a specific topic or niche.

On such blogs, people follow, share updates and even post comments. Using blogs is very convenient and that is why people use blogs very frequently. Moreover, if a blog is public, people from all around the world can access it by using Internet, can read it and follow.

Social Networks

Social Networks allow people to form communities and keep in touch with each other, share updates, follow developments in each other lives, share pictures and send messages. There are several social networking websites such as Facebook, MySpace, Linked In and Twitter where people can register, create an account and start communicating with businesses, family and friends, celebrities and others.

Social networking websites offer several advantages including open communication, a great way of meeting old friends, a platform for posting news, asking questions, sharing links, discussing ideas and an excellent way of promoting websites and businesses. Social networking websites target a broad range of audience and that is why, it is also considered to be an excellent business tool. These days, it is possible to access social networking website accounts through mobile phones and stay connected with family and friends throughout the day.

Weaknesses Of Electronic Communication That You Must Know

There is no doubt that there are some huge advantages of using electronic communication over traditional methods of communication, but it also has some flaws. Lack of communication reinforcement is one of these flaws. When you are communicating face-to-face with someone, you can reaffirm the message that is being sent with help of the body language and the tone of voice. For instance, if someone laughs at you, you will be able to recognize the tone of his/her voice. On the other hand, using instant message or e-mail does not allow message reinforcement. This may cause a lot of misinterpretation.

In case of e-mail, if you are not careful on how to use e-mail, it may lead to a number of dysfunctions. At times, large number of e-mails may overload the server causing congestion. It is important to follow guidelines and prevent such problems.

Talking about social networking websites, it is a breeding ground for frauds and predators. Several cases have come up where internet predators have used malicious means to cheat and influence innocent adolescents. One has to practice safe networking techniques in order to stay away from such vulnerabilities.