Disable Google Tracking That Traces Your Every Move Online

Have you ever recognized the fact that Google gathers a huge amount of data related to you while browsing the Web? Obviously, you have to be a Google user for that! Although Google is much admired for offering a myriad of handy extensions, apps, and tools for a great digital online life, it is yet criticized a bit for its ability of tracking user-related data such as the visited sites.

This means that Google is certainly tracking your each move online, as the online world is all about visiting the sites. After all, such Google tracking is against the privacy of online users.

disable google tracking

Protecting Privacy, But Something Is Yet Risking It

Of late, the power of Google tracking has hurt the privacy of users, which has resulted in a big online issue recently. As a result, several people are making maximum efforts to curtail the amount of shared information online. They normally do so by blocking the visibility of personal data on social media sites, deleting some personal posts that are of no use, and averting from entering any info on any site, which can hinder their online privacy.

However, what we all do not realize is the fact that the famous Google services namely, AdSense and Analytics do have the power to track your each move online by gathering data related to you from your visited sites. Nevertheless, you can disable these services from tracking your each online move. All you have to do is opt-out of such auto data collection. Let’s now explore this in more detail so that you can save your online privacy to some extent.

Eschew Google Tracking Via The Tailored AdSense Ads

Do you know that when you visit a site containing the Google AdSense ad, the latter takes note of your interests from the stored cookies related to the site? For example, if you regularly visit sites that are related to computers and technology, Google comes to know that this field is actually your interest. Now, this is something that you might not want Google to trace at all. Moreover, it will then show ads related to your interest on your visited sites (this is ad personalization). It is sometimes fine to see those ads, but most of the time they only irritate the users. Above all, why would you tell Google about your interests?

opt out of personalised ads

So, to stop such Google tracking, open the Google Ads Preference Manager page by easily searching for it in Google (click the first link in this case). You will now see your interest list saved by Google in cookies on your computer. Now, there are two ways to block such tracking. First, click the Remove link on the right besides the interest that you want to abandon from tracking.

opt out button

Second, you can simply click the Opt out button by scrolling a bit down for completely blocking the personalized ads. Doing so will ensure that the ads now come up randomly or according to the page content that you are reading, not as per your interests.

You need to know that even this setting is saved in a cookie. This means that you will have to actually opt out again if you have deleted the cookies. Further, you will have to opt out by opening each browser in case of multiple ones.

Eschew Google Tracking Via Analytics

Although information from Google Analytics is quite helpful in site optimization, it yet poses a threat to your online privacy. This is because Google is still gathering information about your site visits across the web. So, to block this personal data gathering, Google has released an easy-to-use add-on that is available at http://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout for all browsers.

get google analytics opt out browser add-on

You just have to click that blue button after which the right add-on according to your browser will be displayed for installation.