Display A Text Message During Bootup Of Windows 7

Windows 7 OS is very interactive and user-friendly for users with several updates that are not available in the previous versions. One of such updates is the messaging one that helps for effective communication among multiple users. For instance, there are situations where a user would like to leave a text message prior to logging into the system by others or by self.

This procedure will work best in a multi-user environment where frequent log-ins and log-outs take place. Alerting others with a short message too is possible with this option that can be used whenever needed. Here is a series of easy steps allowing you to leave a text message for reading even before you log into your Windows 7 computer.

How To Display A Text Message During Bootup Of Windows 7

Include A Text Message To Be Sent

Displaying Text Message During Bootup of Windows 7

Go to the Start menu and navigate the pointer to the Search box. Enter “regedit” command to let the system find it for you. Alternatively, you can open the Registry by simply typing “regedit” in the Run box from the Start menu.

Look For The Key To Enter Text

Displaying Text Message During Bootup of Windows 7

Scroll down on the list of keys until you find the below mentioned one.
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Policies\System
Open “legalnoticecaption” by double-clicking on it.

Enter The Required Value In The Header

Displaying Text Message During Bootup of Windows 7

A data field with relevant value to be entered opens up. Enter the value desired such as your name or computer name. Click on “OK” option. In fact, this is a good way of maintaining your system preferences by letting others know additional information such as company information.

Locate “legalnoticetext” For Entering Text

Displaying Text Message During Bootup of Windows 7

You will find “legalnoticetext” option in the same list of items. You can now enter text message of your choice into the given Value data field. Remember that this text you are going to enter will be displayed whenever you are logging into the system. Click on “OK” option.

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Reboot The Computer After Completing The Process

Displaying Text Message During Bootup of Windows 7

After you complete the process of entering the text of your choice, you can then close the Registry Editor. Reboot the computer now to let the changes take effect. View the changes for yourself after the system reboots. You will now be able to find a text welcoming even before you log into your system.

The same procedure has to be followed in case the name of the text message or the text message itself has to be changed entirely. The message appears on the Welcome screen as soon as the system reboots.


Alerting others about immediate system changes is one of the best benefits of utilizing this option.
• Allowing others in knowing about your personal priorities and system preferences in short too is possible.
• Adjusting the system uniformly for a group of users in the form of a protocol can be accomplished with just a single system message.


The above mentioned steps have to be followed whenever the system message has to be changed again. The user has to be careful while making the changes by not disturbing other Registry files.