Easily Control A Large Amount Of Tabs In Google Chrome

Are you among those people who heavily rely on the Chrome browser to get most of the tasks done? If yes, there is one more question for you: Do you have to open countless tabs in one session to get the work done? If the answer to even this question is yes, know that you will be able to overcome this problem of countless tabs in next few minutes.

No, I am not talking of getting rid of these countless tabs, but of how to manage them easily and bring back the control lost due to them.

open large amount of tabs in google chrome

If you are researching on something, it is of no surprise that you will have multiple tabs open in your Chrome browser. These tabs not only clutter the tab bar, but also make it difficult for you to know which tab contains which page. This means that you cannot quickly find a tab that contains the page you want to view. Fortunately, you can easily overcome this problem by managing the open tabs via the Tab Menu extension. If you seriously have the problem of tab overload, the Tab Menu deserves to be the best tab companion so that you can obtain the control of your tabs back.

Getting The Tab Menu Extension

The extension is available for download at the URL, https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/galfofdpepkcahkfobimileafiobdplb. On this page, you just need to click the Add to Chrome button for installing the extension.

tab menu google chrome extension

Once the installation is over, near the Address bar, you will see the Tab Menu icon as a stack of tabs with a blue one in between.

Using The Tab Menu Extension

With the help of the Tab Menu extension, you can directly jump to the desired tab for viewing the page under it, close a tab, re-arrange tabs in the order that you desire, and search tabs by URL or name. After installing the extension, just click its icon and all the currently opened tabs will appear in the drop-down list.

tab menu drop down

If the list is long, you can easily find the tab containing the Web page that you want to view by typing the page’s URL or name. As you type, the extension filters the list and shows the best possible matches so that you can spot your tab page quickly.

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To go through the tabs in the drop-down list, use the keyboard and press Tab, arrow, or Shift + Tab keys rather than using the mouse clicks. To switch to a tab for viewing the Web page in it, just click it from the drop-down list. This time, it will be easy to identify the tab that you want to view, as the tab titles are fully visible in the drop-down list. You can also hover your mouse over a tab on the tab bar to view the full title.

Apart from that, you can also move a tab in the list by simply dragging it. This will change the position of that tab in the list and on the bar as well. You can also close a tab by selecting it from the drop-down list and clicking the x icon at its right end.

close tabs

So finally, you have somebody to manage your vital tabs out there. Are you using something else to manage your tabs? Kindly share with us in your comments!

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