Easily Rotate And Flip Graphics In MS Word 2007

A simple, plain MS Word document looks much more attractive and informative when it is created with pictures. Pictures and diagrams are a non-verbal form of communication which supplement written information. This combination of words and pictures makes written information easy to interpret for all kinds of audiences, especially the novice ones.

Depending upon the requirement and various parameters of the document, a picture needs to be modified with various color combinations and sizes. At times, the angle of the picture may have to be changed or the picture may need to be flipped. Is this possible and if yes, how do we accomplish this using MS Word 2007?

The fact is that changing the angle of a picture and also flipping it is really simple and anyone, even a beginner in MS Word can grasp it easily. Let us learn in a step-by-step manner how we can do it. In the first section, we will see how to rotate a picture in order to change its angle and in the second section, we will see how to flip a picture.

Changing The Angle Of A Picture By Rotating It

The angle of a picture can be changed by rotating it. Rotation of graphics in MS Word have 2 advantages. First, the rotation of graphics can be done, both in clockwise as well as anti-clockwise direction randomly and secondly, there are special options in MS Word where a graphic can be rotated 90 degrees to the left and right. There is another option about which we will learn, which helps us to customise the angle of rotation and apply it automatically to the graphic, without manually having to rotate the graphic.

Following Are The Steps To Rotate A Picture Randomly

1. First, open the picture or graphic which you want to rotate.

Flip Graphics in MS Word 2007

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2. Click once on the picture anywhere so that you can clearly see the border points and a green colored knob at the top centre of the graphic. These border points and the knob is present in graphics in MS Word for their modification. This green knob is also referred to as rotation handle.

Flip Graphics in MS Word 2007

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3. Click once on the knob and easily rotate the graphic in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction.

4. Make sure you save these changes after you have rotated and hence, modified your graphic.

Following Are The Steps When You Want To Rotate A Picture At A Fixed Angle And When You Want To Flip The Picture

1. First, open the picture or graphic which you want to rotate.

2. Click on the graphic anywhere so that you will again be able to see the border points.

3. When you click on the graphic, a new option Picture Tools immediately pops up on the Active Interface or the Ribbon as it is called in MS Word 2007.

4. Under Picture Tools, you will find a tab which says Format. And within format, you will find 4 groups namely, Adjust, Picture Styles, Arrange and Size.

5. Under the group Arrange, you will find the option Rotate on the right hand side with a drop down arrow next to it.

6. Click the drop down arrow and you will get 5 options which are as follows:

Rotate Right 90 degree: Clicking this option will rotate the graphic at a 90 degree angle to the right

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Rotate Left 90 degree: Clicking this option will rotate the graphic at a 90 degree angle to the left

Flip Vertical: Clicking this option will flip the graphic in a vertical position

Flip Horizontal: Clicking this option will flip the graphic in a horizontal position. Flip means to turn over a graphic.

More Rotation Options: This is a useful option wherein you can customize the rotation of the graphic using the option Size with the help of which, you can customize and decide the height, width and rotation angle of the graphic.