Easily Summarize A Word 2007 Document

A summary is an integral part of any professional or academic document. It acts no less than a ready reckoner for those who want to just have an insight of what is there inside a document. Summary comes at rescue when you do not want to read 100 pages, but still want to know about the important points stressed in them.

However, when it comes to writing a summary for a document of 100 pages, it can take be a tough time for the author. So, the question is that is there a better way to summarize such a long document? Well, let us check that out now! So, continue reading

Problem: Long Documents, Short Summaries – A Challenging Task

Let us assume that you are working as a technical writer in your company. You have just received a project wherein you have to write academic books on the topics of Science. Each of these books must be 50 to 100 pages long, interestingly stretching on a single topic. However, you know that writing a summary for such a lengthy topic is not an easy job.

You had faced this problem in the project that was completed just recently. In this project, you literally had to go through the main pages and note the points for the summary. As the new project has a very strict timeline, you do not want to waste time in that approach.

Solution: Autosummarize A Word 2007 Document

You can solve the problem by using the AutoSummary Tools of Word 2007, which aims at emphasizing as well as collecting the key points of your document by assigning a grade/score to each sentence as per the frequently used words. Moreover, you can actually decide the quantity of details to be included, for instance, a summary of 20 sentences or a summary of 100 words or less. Once the AutoSummarize tools have inserted the summary, you can then edit it as per your requirements.

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Implement The Solution: Add AutoSummary Tools And Specify Your Requirements

By default, the AutoSummary tools are not visible on any toolbar. Therefore, you need to first add the tools to the Quick Access toolbar. Here are the steps to easily summarize a Word document in 2007.

1. Click the MS Office button.

2. Click the Word Options button. The Word Options dialog box appears.

3. Select Customize from the left pane.

4. Select the All Commands value from the Choose commands from combo box on the right side.

5. Scroll down and select AutoSummary Tools from the long list of commands.

6. Click the Add button.

7. Click OK. The AutoSummary Tools icon is added to the Quick Access toolbar situated near the Office button.

8. Click the AutoSummary Tools icon. A drop-down menu appears.

9. Select the Auto Summarize option from the drop-down menu. The AutoSummarize dialog box appears.

10. Select the appropriate option from the Type of summary section. The Highlight key points finds the sentences that contain the most commonly used phrases, while the Executive Summary automatically generate a summary that is placed atop the document.

11. Select the appropriate option from the Percentage of original combo box in the Length of summary section.

12. Ensure that the Update document statistics check box is selected.

13. Click OK.