Easy Guide to Reinstall a Recovery Disk

Computers are not perfect so even if you take good care of them and regularly update its security features then also it may crash down sometimes. Of course, there are always chances of bugs and viruses hurting your system so System Reinstall is a great way of cleaning it up.

It can not only clear the bugs but can also speed up your system. Basically, system reinstall is the process of using a disk to get back the factory settings of computer. The manufacturer usually provides this disk or you can make it yourself. Now let’s see how the reinstalling is done with the help of CD.

Boot Disk

Once you are sure that the computer need system reinstall, take out your CD put into the computer and restart it. When the computer will restart, you would be asked by the system to press a key in order to start this process. This message will read ‘Press any key to boot from CD’, so press a key.

However, if your system is not showing this message, you should press and hold F8 key for forced boot.


The system reinstall process will now start and first, it would ask about the language you want to work in, after choosing the language click ‘Next’ and the interface will take you to next step. Click ‘Install Now’ for initiating the procedure.

However, make sure that your laptop is connected to a power source before beginning as a shutdown in between may cause problems.


In the next step, reinstalling interface will ask you about the licensing agreement so accept the agreement and gain click ‘Next’. Now you can choose between custom or upgrade from the interface. You should click ‘Custom’. You will be asked if the partitions need to be deleted or not.

It is advisable to delete the partitions, don’t format the main drive before doing that. Click on the partition that you want to delete from the provided list and click ‘Delete’.


Finally, choose the main hard drive for installing the operating system again. Click ‘Next’ and the system will start the process; it may take a little time so have patience. Additionally, it may seem that the process has hung up in between but don’t try to do anything, just wait and make sure that your power pin is connected properly if you go away for some time.

The system reinstalling process will be completed after some time and you will get a message for the same. Now you will have to make some primary settings before the use, fill forms, adjust resolution, fonts, color scheme etc and your system will be as good as new.


There are some things that you need to take care of before and during the process of system reinstalling.

1. Keep the disk safe. It should not have any scratches.
2. Make sure that your power supply is on during the process.
3. Don’t interrupt the installation.