Easy Steps to Back Up Your TypePad Blogs

Blog posts are a very promising trend where many people are involved in writing blogs on various topics. If you have a passion for writing blogs, you would ideally put lot of hard work and time into writing several blogs, designing them with graphics and images, creating your own account, and publishing your blogs for public view.

 Now in a situation, if the TypePad blog services are down or get crashed due to any reason, all your hard work goes for a toss. Once the blogs are permanently deleted or corrupted, you cannot get back your blog posts with the currently available technologies.

backup type pad blog

What next? Back up your TypePad blogs regularly. This is the best way to keep your blog posts in store without having to bother about any unexpected flaw of the online services. Therefore, let us see what best ways are there for backing up your TypePad blog posts.

Backing up Blog Posts Regularly

Remember that the TypePad blogs do not set up a backup system for your posts to stay on your computer hard drive. Therefore, it is highly essential for regular bloggers to create back up of their posts on their own. If you blog regularly, that is, everyday, you should ideally create backups everyday at a specific time as you are comfortable. If you blog occasionally, for example, one or twice in a week, a weekly backup schedule might be a good idea to save your posts.

Following Steps for Backup

Log in to your TypePad blog account and open the folder that includes all your blog posts. Now this page would also have a link named “Import/Export”. You can click this link to see an Import/Export page that now has a linked named “Export Posts from your TypePad Weblog Right-click on this link. Firefox users can select “Save link as” If you are on Internet Explorer, select “Save target as” Choose a location on your computer and save your blog. Each file from your TypePad blog account gets downloaded and saved on your hard disk as an .htm file.

Once the files are downloaded, the next important step would be to rename the files if necessary. Wondering why? The files you download might get saved in an .htm format. However, the content of these files would be plain text; therefore, it is necessary to change the existing file names from .htm to .txt. You may also want to give a suitable name to the file so that you can identify your blog easily. The default name for the .htm file of your blog would be “Post.htm”.

Backing Up Images

Do you also have images attached to your blogs on TypePad? If yes, you would be required to also select the “Web Page Complete” option while individually downloading your blogs from your account. You can also save each of the images individually on your computer for later use while restoring the blogs back to your account.

Backing up TypePad blogs is really important if you are concerned about losing your work due to server upgrades or some unwarranted condition in the TypePad servers.