Effective Steps To Build a Computer Lab


In today’s life computer is one of the most essential electronic gadgets that we use. So, day by day the need for computer labs has also grown up. There are some key factors which should be looked after before starting the job of building up a computer lab.

Basic Key Factors Involved

While building a computer lab the choice of place is very important. A computer lab cannot be successful in a remote area. It should be built at a place where there are schools, colleges, offices etc. A computer lab generally has one or more classroom.


The requirement of number of computers depends on the size of class rooms. You must have a clear view about the furniture and fittings which should be fitted in the room. The sitting arrangement should be done accordingly. There should be some gap between two chairs so that the users can work comfortably. Most importantly you have to look after the power supply and investigate if the supplied electricity is enough for your number of computers or not. If there is a problem of power cut arrange a substitute source of power supply before starting the lab.

Working Tools Required

In a computer lab there should be a good number of computers. If you want to start with a new work stations, you have to invest a lot. So, it’s better to start with some old and some new machines. Collect old computers as much as you can but not more than the required quantity. Next step will be of arranging furniture and fittings. If possible to cut of the budget go for some second hand stuff. If you are net savvy, then you must be having knowledge of the sites which basically deal with old furniture and fittings.

You will get a clear idea from there also. After buying the required furniture and machineries place them in proper place and complete the electrical work. This kind of lab requires many points to run the work stations properly. So, the electrical work including safe gadget fittings will take some time. After completion all this call a networking professional who will manage the networking between all the computers. Discuss about the connectivity you want in detail. This will help both of you to analyze the goal. Networking should be done very carefully and efficiently.

Start Working On Your Lab

Now when your lab is ready, you can start your job by plugging your computers. For the very first week make a testing of your total system. It will give you an idea on how your work station is performing and you will also get to know if the networking is done properly or not etc. After the test season make the required changes and start running it professionally.

At the beginning level you may need some advertisement through which people can get aware of your lab. Then as the days will progress your lab will grow according to the facility and service you provide to clients.


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