Enable Auto-Paging Goodness in Google Chrome

How do you feel when you have to scroll until the end of the search result page and click Next for visiting the subsequent page in Google? It might not be that comfortable for you!

This is especially true if you compare it to Firefox that works quite efficiently with its Auto Paging extension. Such an add-on enables you to skip pressing that Next link or page numbers at the end of the Google search result page in Firefox. So, how about having an identical extension that is compatible with Chrome?

auto pager extension

The good news is that you can certainly enjoy the auto paging goodness in Chrome via its Auto Pager extension. So, if you have been waiting for the auto paging functionality of Firefox in Chrome, your wait is now over. Chrome Auto Pager is capable of automatically displaying the next page inline as soon as you reach the end of the present Web page.

This means that the action of numerous clicks on the Next link or page numbers is replaced by infinite scrolling in the same page. The Chrome Auto Pager works with a myriad of sites such as eBay, Amazon, The New York Times, MSN, Twitter, Lifehacker, Digg, YouTube, Flickr, Yahoo, MySpace, Google, and Wikipedia.

Adding The Chrome Auto Pager To The Browser

To add the extension for enjoying auto paging in Chrome, just open the URL, https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/mmgagnmbebdebebbcleklifnobamjonh and click Add to Chrome.

add autopager extension

This will display the Confirm Installation dialog wherein you must click the Install button. Once the installation is over, a new tab opens with the extension’s page that displays the latest version and some tips.

installing auto chrome

Further, a small pop-up will appear talking about the extension’s discovery wherein you must click the Yes button.

 extension’s discovery

Now, just have a look at the options of the extension by visiting the Extensions page (chrome://extensions). When you click Options in the section with the blue AP icon, a new tab with the AutoPager Options page appears with the options such as Enabled/Disable, model choice, importing/exporting rules, and sites to be ignored for auto paging.

auto pager options

Right now, we shall not explore these options, as that is out of the scope of this article. However, you can definitely explore them on your own if you want auto paging to work in your style!

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Using The Chrome Auto Pager Extension

You first need to restart Chrome for putting the extension into action. Now, perform a search in Google and notice the Ap icon in the right corner in the Address bar. Now, go to the end of the search result page and you will see that now there is no need of clicking Next or page numbers for accessing the subsequent page. All you have to now do is keep scrolling the same page for viewing all the search result pages in it.

auto pager

Alternatively, you also use those green arrows for navigation. So, your digital navigation is now easy with this auto paging utility that is recommended for anyone who uses Internet heavily for research or site reviews.

Do use the extension and let us know your experiences via comments. We would love to hear from you!