Enable Google Maps Labs on Your Android Phone to Get Extra Features

Android phones come with some of the most amazing features available over the internet today. Out of those, Google Maps is an amazing thing to have on your Android Phone. It provides great support to people who are looking to locate places for shopping, food, fitness and various other such activities.

But do you know that the overall Google Maps experience on your Android phone can be further enhanced? There are a few extra features that you may not even know about.

Enable Extended Features

In order to enable these additional features, you need to open the Google Maps in your Android phone and hit Menu button. You will find the ‘More’ option just below ‘Starred Places’, tap on it and select ‘Labs’ after that.

You will see many options here that can be enabled as per your choice. Choose from Scale Bar, Traffic with Labels, Bubble Buttons and Measure and enable them just by a click.

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The Extra lab features offer great support for the user. The Bubble button is very useful as it provides the call and info option right on the map. You really don’t have to go to the detail for the location as you can click on the Bubble to get the details right on the map.

Moreover, the Scale Bar provides a good idea of the distance on the map acting as a distance ruler. And if you are looking to get exact distance between two or more places then click on the Measure Button and then click on the places on the map between which you want to find the distance while Traffic with Labels is useful to view labels even when you are viewing traffic.

Google Map Features

However, if you want to know about the basic features of Google Maps on Android then it is an amazing application to have on your phone while driving. It offers powerful navigation with a free voice guided system for navigation. Moreover, Google Maps offers recommendations and rating for a place and you can even rate the place yourself. Friends can also be included in your system and you can check out where they are.

Offline Reliability

So, what will happen if you are stuck at a place and your phone is out of range? Obviously, you will look for someone to show the way or try to work with a map, not if you have the upgraded version of Google Maps. It caches the maps that you use frequently so even if you lose network for sometime then also you can keep working on the application for sometime till you get the network.

Google Maps will eat up some speed from your Android phone’s processor but the results are great. If you have a good smartphone then you would be amazed to see the powers this app provides in the field of navigation. You can also see your location on the map and also get 3D Maps which can be navigated by fingers. So, enable Google Maps Labs and enjoy navigating.