Enjoy Image Zooming on Your Favorite Photo Websites in Chrome

Are you a fanatical fan of Web photos? If yes, then it is obvious that you must be viewing several photos on the Web on daily basis. There is no doubt that you must be enjoying a lot in doing so, but have you ever found a con or an obstacle that slows down the incidence of your such a joyful job?

Well, imagine this situation: You come across a display of a few thumbnails that are just not proper in size to get a good idea of what is there within and there is also no zoom feature on the Web page. Aren’t such thumbnails an obstacle on the way of your visual amusement?

installing zoomzoom google chrome extension

Well, there is a quick solution to this problem if you are using Google Chrome. The solution is to have an instant zoom feature in your Chrome so that you can keep the above problem at bay on any Web page. Sounds good? Okay then, do continue reading further to know more about the solution.

What Can Twist Chrome To Offer You The Image Zooming Feature

Well, it is the zoomZoom extension for Chrome! This handy little extension has the power of displaying an enlarged form of a thumbnail or small image as soon as the mouse is kept over it. At present, this image zooming extension functions well on a myriad of photo /picture hosting sites such as Flickr, Facebook, TinyPic, Google Images, deviantART, Twitter, PhotoBucket, Wikipedia, and 4chan. What is even more admirable of this extension is its ability to display rotating images, scaling images for fitting to the screen, and images with transparent background.

How to Obtain This Image Zooming Extension

You need to only add the zoomZoom extension to your Chrome browser just like you add other Chrome goodies. So, just visit the official site, https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/iakmjbhdcijlhfmbblakomdgoeiikckg and click the ADD TO CHROME button in blue.

zoom zoom google chrome extension

This will display the Confirm Installation dialog box wherein you must click the Install button. In just two seconds, you will be able to view a small message on the toolbar, which reveals about how to use this extension. So, you are now ready to use it. However, let us first check out its options before viewing it into action.

zoom zoom google chrome extension installed

What are the Setup Options?

Exploring the options needs to be your first task after adding the extension. To do so, go to chrome://extensions and click Options in the zoomZoom section. This will open the Options page wherein you need to check the boxes of the nine sites so that you can enjoy image zooming on all of them. Now, click Popup on the black bar atop if you wish to alter the popup location.

zoom zoom google chrome extension options

Note: In near future, you can expect new releases of this extension for enjoying image zooming on more sites.

How to Put the Image Zooming Extension into Action

This is so simple! Just open any of the above nine sites and open your photo albums or a Web page full of small photos. All you now need to do is keep your mouse on a specific thumbnail or small photo.

zoom zoom in action

In just a second, you will see a large view of the focused image on the same Web image. Cool na?

Have you enjoyed this kind of image zooming? Found some cons? Do share in your comments!