Enjoy Safer Web Browsing With WOT

Web has become the most indispensible part of our lives and we spend most of our time web browsing whether it is for personal use or professional. Both ways it is very important for us. While browsing there are various websites which we visit to gather certain information or just for fun.

And it is not safe visiting so many different kinds of websites as there are many viruses, spywares which can enter our PC or laptop and create menace. A safe web browsing is very essential so that we remain protected from any kind of malwares, spywares, viruses etc.

Enjoy Safer Web Browsing With WOT

Different Ways Of Web Security

Since there is so much of diversity in the web we get many types of web security software like anti virus, anti spyware, anti malware etc. through which we can protect our PC and have a safe web browsing as these software keep the browsing secured and block all the unnecessary items.

Web Security Through WOT

While browsing we keep visiting many websites and some are harmful for our laptop or PC, so to know whether a website can be trusted or not we can simply install WOT also abbreviated as web of trust, which would tell us whether the website which we are browsing is harmless or not.

Installing WOT

Enjoy Safer Web Browsing with WOT

The procedure is very simple, while installing it we need to accept certain agreement and then the WOT toolbar gets installed and shows on our web browser. It can be used accordingly, as it has few options of security like light protection, parental control mode, basic and maximum safety protection. One can click on any of the above as per their convenience.

How To Know Whether A Website Can Be Trusted

Enjoy Safer Web Browsing with WOT

After installing WOT we now know that we will not get jammed in any harmful website. How do we get to know this is, when we visit the website WOT will show certain ratings, like if it shows all green lights then the website is definitely good, if less then average and if none than one should avoid visiting that website.

Ways If Installing WOT On Different Operating Systems

We all have different operating systems and WOT can be installed in mostly all. But the process of installing varies little bit for different operating systems like Firefox, internet explorer, Google chrome etc. But the common thing is that once we accept the agreement then the procedure is quite the same.

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Uses Of WOT

Enjoy Safer Web Browsing with WOT

It is very essential for PC nowadays as it is most vulnerable when we are web browsing and plus the levels of warning which WOT gives is very much required as these days kids use the web extensively and there has to be certain amount of security so that they do not fall for any thing wrong.

Safe Browsing

This software makes the browsing safer, and makes the PC or laptop less vulnerable to the viruses or malwares. Moreover, the level of security which it provides makes it easier for us to trust the good websites and avoid certain ones.