Export Your Evernote Notes In HTML Or MHT Format

Evernote is a very useful tool for preparing notes and then using them in your various devices. In this section we will share with you tips on what to do if there is no Evernote tool for one of your devices or if you want to transfer your prepared notes to a different application.

Evernote is an amazing tool because it lets you transfer your notes to different formats. You can transfer images, other files and PDFs without losing anything during the movement.

How To Export Evernote Notes?

This is a very easy process: simply chose the notes that you wish to transfer or export and then click File. ENxt check the Export option to begin the process of transfer.

Another way of doing this is by right clicking on the name of the note that you want to export. You will get a drop down list; select Export from the list. You have the liberty of exporting as many numbers of notes as you want. You can transfer them one by one or all together.

Export Your Evernote Notes

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Select the tab of All Notes (given on the left side) and then choose a note and highlight one or all by clicking Ctrl+A. Again right click to select the Export notes option from the drop down menu. Go to the location where you have saved all the exported files. Key in the name of the file and select the html page for the file.

Evernote gives you the option of exporting notes in either HTML or in MHT format. Many prefer using the HTML option for exporting notes because it can be opened using any browser unlike the MHT format that opens only in Internet Explorer.

Once the notes have been transferred, their file is visible in Explorer. However, if they have images or any other files in them then you can look them up in the Notes_files folder. If the notes have been downloaded one by one, they will be much simpler in format and will have only the text. Links and formats (if any) are also included in this text. All the notes with PDF files will contain a link that will direct you to the images.

All the PDFs and other files will be saved using their original name. However, notes with images will have strange names given randomly by Evernote. You can re-name these files manually.

How To Export Evernote Notes With Tags?

Tags can also be exported from Evernote while you are selecting the location of the exported files. However, exporting of tags may not work at all times. In any case, we will tell you how to export the tags.

One easy way of exporting the tags along with the files is by choosing the tags that are located on the left side. Then select all the notes that contain the particular tag. Right click on the notes and choose the Export notes option. All the notes with that specific tag will be visible on the HTML page of your file.