Facebook’s New Friend Lists: 5 Things You Need to Know

Facebook is constantly evolving itself since it was launched. But in the recent months the changes have been very frequent, so what’s the reason for that? It is Google + which is forcing Facebook to tighten some loose ends and to innovate constantly.

Actually, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that a lot of features at Google + looks like a Facebook hangover, so it is the payback time. Facebook has launched the all new groups facility that is somewhat like circles of G+. However, Blake Ross, the product developer for Facebook said that the old lists were difficult and tedious so they are changing it for the better. However, if you are still struggling with the sudden change then go through the following five points and become the Facebook ninja again.

Smart Lists

Facebook know that you wouldn’t be able to understand the new lists all of a sudden, so it has generated some for you automatically. Look out for the default lists in your profile, work, family, school, close friends, city etc.

These lists have been created on the information in your profile and you can edit them anytime of course. You will also see the posts from a specific list, so everything gets more manageable and easy to use.

Close Friends and Acquaintances

With the growing number of people in the profile, it got very difficult to deal with hundreds of posts every day. But not now, as you can differentiate between close friends and acquaintances.

This helps to sort out the important news feed more easily. Who is interested in lives of lesser known people anyway? Therefore, manage the list and never miss an update by a close friend.

Restricted List

‘Was drunk as hell last night and bunked my office’, surely you wouldn’t want your boss to read this. It was not possible to do this earlier, but now you can put some people in the restricted list so they can’t see your posts shared with other lists. So, now you don’t need to panic if boss or colleagues are in your profile. Just feel free and do what you want to.

Relationship Status

Worried of complains that you don’t update your relationship status on Facebook? Don’t bother now, you can update and flaunt your relationship status with only the list you want to see it.

Notably, other people from other lists won’t be able to see this. So, now update that you are not single without alarming your parents or other people.

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List Privacy

Understand that how list privacy works. For e.g. if you shared a post with your closest friends, then the people in that list will be able to see others in the list. However, they will not be able to see the name of list but chances are there that they’ll get an idea about it.

However, they won’t be able to explore your other list so don’t worry about it. Facebook says that this feature will help people to know that a certain post has been shared with them and they can comment freely.