Find and Eliminate Spyware with Spyware Terminator

Spyware Terminator is a free anti-spyware application. In this article on secure computing, we will look at this application in detail and study its many uses and benefits.

eliminate spyware with antispyware

How To Install Spyware Terminator On Your System?

Spyware Terminator can be directly downloaded from the internet for free. While you are installing the software, you can go to Advanced Settings to check out the various options one can use during set up.

how to install spyware terminator

Another good option is to check out the Web Security Guard Toolbar while you are installing the Spyware Terminator. Not many people are big on having toolbars; hence, uncheck the toolbar option. Some people may argue that keeping the toolbar gives you added protection when connected to the net. This is true; however, Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 3 provide protection of their own as well.

installing spyware terminator

Features of Spyware Terminator

One bad news for people with 64bit windows system is that some of the features of Spyware Terminator will not run. The 64bit windows system will allow for running of Spyware scans and elimination. The extra benefit of Real-Time Protection is available to users with 32bit Vista and XP in their systems.

The Spyware Terminator needs to be updated periodically. This can be done by simply checking the Update button given in the Spyware database. In case you wish to update the database, check the box provided next to “Update Database Only”.

update spyware terminator database

Checking this box will give you the freedom to quickly scan any application. However, it is recommended that this box be unchecked time and again to keep a track of the latest updates to the software.

Spyware terminator gives you the option of three types of scan; Fast, Full and Custom. Fast will do a scan of the system, executable files and the registry. Full scan will allow scanning for all the objects and the Custom scan will give you the freedom to scan any object/application/file that you wish to.

spyware terminator scan types

Spyware Terminator also gives you the flexibility to schedule scans. You can do this by first choosing the day and time of scan and then saving it. Your system will run the application on your chosen day and time. You can also do a Fast scan but it will scan only executable files. Hence, organizing a full scan is a better option.

spyware terminator scheduler settings

Spyware Terminator shows you the Scan Progress as well. You can even pause or end the scan while it is still running.

scanning files in spyware terminator

Once a scan gets over, a detailed report related to the scan is available in the user interface. Sometimes you may encounter a few false positives as well. A good idea is to go over the scan report and make a note of the false positives. Report these to help create an accurate database.

spyware terminator scan report

You can keep a track of all your scan results by maintaining a datasheet of sorts. Simply copy and paste the results of the scan on a clipboard. This helps you keep a track of the malware especially if the system is being attacked with viruses time and again.

spyware terminator  scan report

Spyware Terminator has a Help and Support Center that operates even on holidays.

spyware terminator help and support

The Help Center offers immense support and helps you with most of the troubleshooting as well as any glitches you may face while installing the anti-spyware.