Find Content Related Images In Internet Explorer 8

Pictures speak louder than words, they say. For this reason, it holds a lot of importance, especially when it comes to online writing. Images that are associated with the content put more life to your write-up and give it more value. So you will be indeed excited to know that there is one simple way of finding such related pictures.

Normally, one would use the traditional way of searching the related images on the web. That may not always throw up the expected result. It not only increases the workload of carrying on the search, but also consumes more time. The need of having a particular assistant for a particular task has given birth to accelerators.

Accelerators are your assistants as well as troubleshooters when you are working alone. They help you get the probable results without taking a toll on you. Various accelerators have various jobs assigned to them. The Bing Image Search Accelerator is one such for you.

Tips To Find Content Related Images In Internet Explorer 8

Bing Image Search Accelerator

Bing Image Search Accelerator

This is where the Bing Image Search Accelerator comes in the picture. The work of finding the related images is quite effectively handled by the BISA. With the use of the image names acting as keywords, you can get the images in question.

Add The Bing Image Search Accelerator To IE

There are many web sites that will allow you to add the Bing Image Search Accelerator directly to IE8. is one such web site where you can find the accelerator. When you open the page for this accelerator, you will see the button “Add to Internet Explorer”. The accelerator will get added to IE. Having the accelerator installed will save a lot of time and energy when finding the images related to the content.

How To Exactly Use The Accelerator

Bing Image Search Accelerator

When you have a certain page open in Internet Explorer, highlight any word for which you want to search a related image. To highlight the word, select it or simple double-click it. Now, select the option, “Bing Image Search” from the menu. A pop-up window will show up with the most relevant image.

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Modes Of Views

Bing Image Search Accelerator

When you are looking for a specific image, you will have the option of either viewing only one image or several available images at the same time. If you hover the mouse over the menu, only the first image in the search will be visible to you. But if you wish to view multiple search results, you will have to click the context menu list. A new tab will open with the search images for the keyword that you searched.

Searching More Possible Results

As described above, you can search related images for potentially any keyword you wish. The Bing Image Search will give you the expected results on most occasions. The specialty of the accelerator is that it helps you find extra images faster and easier. You can even make regular searches using Bing along with the images.

In A Nutshell

The Bing Image Search Accelerator helps you immediately find the associated image even when you are busy with other tasks on hand. Even when you are reading or browsing Bing will do the job for you.