Find Out What Keywords Are Bringing Visitors To Your Site With Google Analytics

If you have your Web site on the World Wide Web, it is imperative to track its users and the way they come to know about your site. Most users come to know about the Web sites via the search engines such as Google. If you can track these search keywords, you would probably know what people are looking for when they view your site.

Further, you can also track those search keywords for which your site is being offered a higher rank in the results of the search engine. One such online tool via which you can perform the search analytics for your site is Google Analytics. In this article, using this tool, we shall find out about how to obtain the keywords that are pulling visitors to your site.

Get To Know The Searches Well

Before you use the Google Analytics tool, you must first know the types of searches namely, external and internal, as both give different details. An external search involves using the keywords to spot a site via a search engine, while an internal search includes the keywords entered by the users in the search box of your site.

Let Google Analytics Track External Search

If you want to track the keywords and visits via external search, you need to have a Google Analytics account. After this, without any further formalities, you can easily view the external search results that drive the visitors to your site. In these results, you can actually know which keywords are fetching how many visits. This means that if your site is obtaining an increasing number of visits for some keywords, the search engine is highly ranking your site for that keyword.

Apart from the number of visits, you also come to know about the new visits and bounce rate for keywords. If this bounce rate is high, know that your site is not interesting to the visitors for that keyword. To generate the external search results in Google Analytics:

1. Go to

2. Click the Access Analytics button.

3. Log on to your account. The Analytics Settings page is displayed.

4. At the top, from the View Reports combo box, select the required Web site profile. The Google Analytics Dashboard is displayed.

5. From the left pane, select Traffic Sources --> Keywords. This will generate a time/visits graph showing the traffic generated for the keywords in the past month along with a table of keywords below in the right pane.

Let Google Analytics Also Track The Internal Search

An internal search result will tell you what users want to see on your site and that how effective is your information architecture in fulfilling the same. So, the details that you get from the internal search result tell you what your visitors cannot search/spot on your site. Perhaps, that is why, they are using the search box of your site.

For example, if you see the keyword ‘green caps’ with lot of searches in this result and if this link is present on your left pane of the site, you know that something is wrong with the effectiveness of navigation pane. To generate an internal search result:

1. Browse to the Analytics Settings page.

2. Click Edit corresponding to your site in the Website Profiles table. The Profile Settings page appears.

3. Click Edit on the top. The Edit Profile Information page appears.

4. Select the Do Track Site Search option.

5. Enter the suitable value in the Query Parameter text box. This has to be the URL variable that you can obtain by looking at the URL after entering a search keyword in the search box of your site. For example, in the URL, http://www../?q=keyword+term, q will be the variable.

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6. Click the Save Changes button.

7. Open the Dashboard page of that particular site.

8. In the left pane, browse to Content --> Site Search --> Overview.