Find Out When Friends Unfriend You On Facebook

You had 200 Facebook friends yesterday, but today on logging on to Facebook, you find that the number has dropped down to 198.

With so many friends in your list, it can become quite difficult to find out who those friends are who have unfriend you on Facebook. Obviously, Facebook doesn’t notify us when people remove us from their friend list. But if you are still interested in knowing about it, there are few ways which can be used to reveal your ex-friends on Facebook.

how to find who unfriends you on facebook

Twenty Feet

The idea behind using twenty feet is quite simply. All you need to do is connect your Facebook profile with twenty feet. Doing this will prompt twenty feet to make not of all the profiles that are linked to your Facebook friend list. This data is collected on a daily basis and it alerts us if any connection has gone missing from our friend’s list.

twenty feet to check when friends unfriend you on facebook

This loss of connection can be due to two reasons, either the person has unfriended you due to any reason, or he / she has completely quit Facebook and deleted their own profile. Besides Facebook, twenty feet can also be used to track lost contacts on Twitter as well.

Twenty feet makes use of a freemium approach, which means that you can track your friends through one twitter and Facebook account for free, which is good enough for most people. However, if you are looking for premium services or for business needs, you will have to pay a small fee of $2.49 per account for one year.

Unfriend Finder

This is a actually a simple script which can be used by all users to find out which of their friends removing them from their friends list. The script has been made to betray those who have unfriended you, irrespective of the transparency provided by Facebook to those contacts. Once installed, the script displays the list of people who disappear from your list.

unfriend finder

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Using Unfriend Finder

Keep in mind that unfriend finder script works only on Firefox, so make sure you have it installed on your computer.

1. Download and set up Greasemonkey on your computer. After it is installed, restart the browser. In case it is already installed on your system, proceed to the next step right away.

2. Install the Unfriend finder script next.

installing unfriend finder script

3. Once installed, the next time you log into the Facebook account, you will witness a welcome message by Unfriend finder.

4. Click ‘Options’ button in case you wish to configure the script. If not, you can skip this step now and return to it later by clicking on Account > Settings.

5.  Besides informing you when friends delete you from their friend list, unfriend finder also sends alerts when the profile of any of your friends has been deactivated or reactivated, as well as when someone confirms or declines your friend request.

unfriend finder alerts

6.  The number of friends who have unfriend you will appear in the menu bar, right next to the Unfriend link.

unfriends list

Click on the newly appeared link to see the names of people who have unfriended you.