Find Out Which Articles Are Most Popular On Your Site With Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one such tool via which you can obtain the detailed information of your site such as the number of visitors, how they are being driven (from search engines), which pages are most famous, and more. This information is vital for any site owner who wants to obtain high site ranking in the results of search engines.

In this article, we will see how Google Analytics aids in figuring out the articles that are most visited on your site.

Problem: Need to Find What Visitors Like the Most On A Site

Let us assume a scenario wherein you are a freelancer and take different projects for creating Web sites and writing articles. To increase your popularity online, you have deployed your own Web site via which people can approach you for freelancing work.

On your site, the main section is of the articles that talk a lot about the kind of work you do along with the testimonies of your customers. Now, it has been seven months and you are really getting more and more hits day by day. So, now you want to know what visitors like the most on your site so that you can improve your online performance with this further step.

Solution: Find Out The Most Popular Articles On Your Site

The most ideal solution to the above problem is to know the articles that are most liked or visited online. It is true that among a large stock of articles on your site, it is quite tough to determine which articles are most popular for a given time frame. In case you observe an usual amount of page views, it is even more essential to know which articles people are visiting the most. Once you know this, you can easily conclude what type of content your visitors love to read.

Implement The Solution: Use Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an online tool via which you can track which articles are getting the highest number of hits. The more the visits, the greater is the popularity of your articles. Once you know which articles are the most famous ones, you can even identify the keywords via which the visitors are able to access a particular page or article. To determine which articles are becoming more and more popular on your site:

1. Open the URL in the browser.

2. On the right side, click the Access Analytics button.

3. Enter your credentials for logging. The Analytics Settings page is displayed.

4. From the View Reports combo box at the top, select the desired Web site profile to display the Google Analytics Dashboard.

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5. From the left pane, select Content --> Content by Title. This will generate a graph displaying the most famous items along with a table of page titles below in the right pane.

You will be able to see the total page views that include the views received via the different sources such as search engines.

You can also see the graph trends according to the weekly and monthly visits by changing the Graph By options located at the top left corner. In addition, you can filter this search result by specifying the values in the controls besides the File Page Title at the bottom of the display table.