Five Alternatives to iTunes 10 for Easily Managing Your iPod

Technology has really taken a toll over everything that we use. When iPods were launched we all thought that they were the most convenient way to listen to music. Even though they did offer a lot to the users, but they too came with their share of problems.

Technology company Apple launched the iTunes platform for the users to easily share, copy, download music. But with time, even iTunes users have been facing problems because of its slow and time consuming software. It is supposedly the best software to manage all your iPod files, but there are a few others too which do the same task in seconds.

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Here’s Five Alternatives to iTunes 10 for easily managing your iPod

Use the CopyTrans Manager

This is a great application which easily allows its users to manage any of  their any Apple gadget. Not just iPod, but one can also manage files in iPod touch and iPhone. Start with downloading the software from any where on the internet. After downloading, install it on the iPod and you are ready to get started.

CopyTrans Manager

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Even without iTunes, the users can use this application to listen music in their computer when the iPod is connected to the computer. It also allows you to share, manage, delete, and download music and videos on the iPod.

Great Foobar 2000

The procedure to use remains the same as above. Download, install and get started. This particular application is a bit famous because it comes with a completely customizable music player.

foobar 2000

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Even when it starts working, it ensures that your iPod is not getting burdened and runs smoothly. Install the two main components which are AAC Codec and iPod manager and you get started instantly.


This is again one of the alternatives to iTunes. It runs fast and has loads to offer. Users can use either the free version or the gold version which will necessitate a license. Users do not have to load any components. MediaMonkey will run your MP3, FLAC, AAC, APE and many such similar media files. It is very easy to download and very easy to use.

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This is great software and it has evolved a lot since its launch. When you are installing this software, ensure that you import your iTunes library for easy access. The user can manually select the automatically sync feature and allow all files to get synchronized. The drag and drop option for music files from the computer to the iPod is again a very useful feature. Users can change the background theme and use the plug-ins to enhance their music experience.


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Its users can copy paste songs from the iPod to the PC and vice versa. Save theses songs in any format of your choice. The best feature of Sharepod is that it does not ask for installation.


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The very simple and easy to use media player makes it extremely effortless for the users to operate it.

Hence, these were all the great iTunes alternatives mentioned above.