Force Your Mac To Sort Folders On Top Of Files (Windows Style)

People using the Mac OS often face the issue of certain files or folders getting mixed with the others. Searching for these files and looking up various folders is almost impossible. The elusive files get very difficult to find which hinders the work of the user. This issue is typical only with the Mac OS. But it is not impossible to fix this problem.

Force Your Mac To Sort Folders On Top Of Files

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The solution will help to make the Mac behave like the Windows and Linux and help in listing the files properly. It can be sorted out and the files can be easily found by following a certain procedure. This will definitely not take more than a few minutes. It is easy to understand and apply.

Force Your Mac To Sort Folders On Top Of Files

Finder. App Package Browsing

The first step to be followed to begin with the procedure is to browse the This is possible by navigating through the hard drive. The core services option must be clicked on. This option will appear under the system’s library.

Alternative Method

The “go to folder” can also be opened to find the option leading to the folder. The shortcut to open this menu is (shift+command+G). Once the tab is opened one can type the name of the folder.

Viewing the Contents of the Finder

By right clicking the option of “show package contents” in the finder menu it is possible to view all the files in that folder. The option falling under the resources category called the ‘english.Iproj’ must be selected. The file known as InfoPlist.strings must be opened as it contains many aliases for different filetypes. This window must be kept opened.

Open With Text Edit

The arcane filename once located must be right clicked on. The option must be opened with the help of the text edit. This will result in the opening of a window which consists of a string. There will be a string called “folder”= “folder”.

Making the Required Change

This is done by pressing cmd+F. An option will appear and one needs to add an additional space before the second time the word ‘folder’ appears. This will make it look like “ Folder”. One can also use any other symbol or 1 instead of the space.

Saving the Change Made

The save as option must be clicked on. The option of ‘if no extension is provided, use .txt’  needs to be unchecked. If the system accepts this change and saves it, the problem is solved. Sometimes this does not happen. To resolve this issue one needs the administrator privileges.

Making a Duplicate Copy

It must be ensured that the file is not overwritten in the desktop. It should be overwritten in the English.Iproj file which is found in the resources of the contents of the finder.  The system will ask for authentication of the change. This must be done by putting in the administrator password.

Relaunch the Finder

This can be done by rebooting the system. But a shortcut to this is ctrl+option+clicks and relaunches the folder.

Sorting The Files

The files must be sorted by “kind”. The files will be listed on top then. The problem is thus solved with the help of a very simple procedure.