Free Anti-Virus Protection with AntiVir Personal Edition


Every person who owns a PC will tell you about the nightmares they have had while dealing with virus and spyware infestations. Hence, one main solution that every PC user wants to know is about the best anti-virus to run on the systems.

A simple answer to this question is: use the anti-virus software that keeps getting updated regularly. Some commercial anti-virus software are Norton and Trend Micro. Both the software are effective and popularly used.

AntiVir Personal Edition

They have a list of exhaustive features; some that may not be of interest or of use to every PC owner. Hence, those of you who are not looking for fancy anti-virus applications have the option of downloading free anti-virus software form the internet. One such free and effective anti-virus application is the Avira AntiVir Personal.

Avira AntiVir Personal

Avira’s AntiVir Personal software is a widely used and dependable anti-virus application. The application is fast, effective and is not heavy on the system especially on the battery life of a laptop. The application gives real-time protection using the AntiVir Guard. What’s more, this anti-virus software is available for free over the net.

Installing the AntiVir Personal is easy. It is recommended to use Complete install application if you want to give your PC quick and complete protection with AntiVir. This way you are sure to get all the components that feature in the anti-virus program.

AntiVir Personal Edition installation type

AntiVir also gives you the liberty to keep the virus database updated at all times. This allows for a complete and effective scan as soon as you switch on your PC.

antivir update

Once the installation of AntiVir is complete, you have the option of registering with Avira. Registration is not compulsory but is recommended if you have installed the AntiVir for the first time. Registration keeps you updated on the latest changes made in the anti-virus program.

avira antivir registration

Features of AntiVir

The full system scan of AntiVir is amazingly fast. During the course of the scanning a pop-up window lets you know the progress of the scan. You also have the option of pausing, resuming, stopping and ending the scan.

As is with any other anti-virus software, using AntiVir can result in slowing down of other programs running on the system. A good idea would be to schedule the scan for a time when you are sure not to use the system. The scan can be easily scheduled by keying in the time and date in the Scheduler box given under the View – Administration folder. You can even schedule an individual system for scanning instead of running a full system scan.

features of avira

Detailed description of the scan is available in the Avira database. The database also gives information on the detected viruses, if any. Look at the threat level of the virus and remove it following the given instructions. Before you remove the virus check if the threat is a false positive or not.

avira level threats

You might get irritated with a pop up screen that encourages you to buy the premium version of AntiVir. However, this is a minor encroachment considering the excellent anti-virus system you have got for free.


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