Free Anti-Virus Protection With Avast Home Edition

In this section we will look at the anti-virus program, the Avast Home Edition. This anti-virus software is a great way of protecting home computers and laptops from various viruses as well as spyware infestations. The program can also detect Rootkit and has the unique feature of skinning.

avast anti-virus home edition

How To Use Avast ?

Avast is a very user friendly anti-virus system. First time installation of the software will generate a helpful guide on the various features of Avast.

installing avast anti-virus home edition

Update the database straight away after the installation gets over. This will automatically keep the anti-virus software updated at all times. Once the installation of Avast gets over, you will be prompted to restart the operating system.

operating system restart

Once you restart the system, Avast will begin real-time scanning using resident Scanner. There are three levels of protection; normal, high and custom. You can choose your own level. In case you are not the kinds who are passionate about keeping their system virus free, use default settings to run the scanner.

avast resident scanner

Many people face the problem of slowed-down system when running the anti-vrus program. This is a major issue faced during real-time scanning. However, the problem is not as pronounced with Avast anti-virus system.

Features of Avast

The software has the Custom Setting Mode. This option allows you to choose your own settings in the various protection components given. The option of real time feature lets you even share your files with others.

avast home edition settings

The command center is the main feature of the anti-virus software. It is from here that you can access the rest of the features and options available in the home edition. Like many other anti-virus applications, Avast too gets combined with Explorer. Hence, a simple right click lets you scan a document or a file.

avast home edition file settings

You can customize the anti-virus software by making changes in the settings. This way you can decide on how to receive various alerts and notifications related to the software.

The time taken to complete a full scan is almost the same in Avast as in AntiVir. However, the choice of scheduled scans is not available in the home edition package of Avast anti-virus.

avast home edition antivirus scanning files

Only the professional version of the software allows for scheduled scanning. The professional version is available at a price of $39.95 after a free trial of 60 days. If the scanning throws up a virus, it can be found in the Virus Chest. In case the virus is false positive you can restore the file. If the threat is real it is best to delete the virus.

avast virus chest

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A very interesting feature of the Avast is Skinning. The default skin resembles that of a media player! Skinning lets you play with the get up of the anti-virus system. The most popularly used skin is the Atomic Arch.

avast home edition antivirus atomic arch skin


The only thing lacking in Avast is the scheduled scan feature. This has put Avast a step behind other anti-virus systems like AntiVir and AVG.  In all other aspects, Avast is effective and excellent anti-virus software for safeguarding your system.