Free Anti-Virus Protection With AVG Free Edition

Many people tend to be under the impression that free anti-virus programs are not as effective as their highly priced counterparts. This is far from truth. Any person who has spent considerable time in the field of computers will tell you that some of the most popular anti-virus software are free and very effective in detection of virus and spyware infestation.

In this article we will discuss the best and most effective anti-virus that is available in the market; Grisoft’s AVG Free Edition.

avg anti-virus free edition

How to Install AVG?

Installing AVG’s free edition is a very simple task. However, before you begin the installation check for the free license that is included in the edition. While installing the AVG anti-virus you will have the choice of either including or excluding the toolbar.

installing avg toolbar

Not many people are in favor of installing the toolbar; yet, AVG advices this since it can help prevent attack of many types of viruses from the net. Internet Explorer and Firefox have inbuilt protection from Phishing so the tool bar isn’t really required in these two cases; however, installation of the toolbar depends totally on the user.

Features of AVG Anti-Virus

Once the installation is complete, the wizard will ask you to make particular changes in the settings option. You can make changes as per your requirements but don’t forget to tick the box that gets you the latest update for the anti-virus software.

avg setup wizard

There are other settings in the AVG anti-virus free edition which allows you to schedule a scan for everyday. You can also use the settings to register with the AVG.

However, if you don’t wish to change the settings and register with AVG using the wizard, you have the option of doing so later. This process can be completed later at your convenience.

register with avg

AVG anti-virus home edition lets you access the settings and components of the software straight from the User Interface. The AVG home edition had plenty of other features apart from offering protection from various viruses. Some other features of AVG anti-virus free edition are

1. Scanning e-mail: The anti-virus attaches itself with Outlook to scan emails and attachments for viruses and spyware infestations.

2. Anti-Spyware: AVG free edition provides protection from infected software.

3. Resident Shield: Keeps the system safe and virus free using protection in real-time.
AVG home edition offers full system scans much like Avast and AntiVir.

avg anti virus settings

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However, with AVG anti-virus application you can also control the speed of the scan. This means that higher the speed of scan, the more power CPU will use to keep the other programs running.

avg anti-virus scan

Once the scan is complete you can check the user interface for any virus detection. The user interface also gives you the option of stopping, pausing and resuming the scan.

scan complete


AVG is the most popular anti-virus software. The reasons are simple. The user interface has an attractive look and is very user-friendly. Also, the wide number of options let you customize the entire scanning scheme according to your preferences. These options are otherwise available only in the professional and highly priced anti-virus applications offered by other companies.