How To Get Information For Your Blog With Microsoft Broadcaster

Professional or freelance bloggers constantly write new posts and articles for their blogs and other websites. If you are one of them, you might want to know more about Microsoft Broadcaster service.

Bloggers and content writers often spend much time seeking information or advice regarding topics related to technology or science. Microsoft Broadcaster enables bloggers to share such information with other online users easily, using this service.

Microsoft’s Broadcaster service is highly useful for technical developers, bloggers, IT employees and other similar professionals. It provides constant updates about latest technology, news related to technology and topics for writing technical blogs. Microsoft Broadcaster can also alert you when there are new resources available online about technical topics of your interest.

Using Microsoft Broadcaster

Firstly, visit the Microsoft Broadcaster main website using this link-

microsoft broadcaster

It is the best and easiest way to read all relevant tech information in one place. If you already have an account, you may sign in or else, join using a new username and password. This website service also allows users to log in using the Windows Live account.

Windows Live ID

When you sign up as a new user, you will need to take some time to fill out the enrollment form. It will need some general personal information.

microsoft broadcaster enrollment form

At the end of the form, you can add details about your website, blog, newsletters or contacts with whom you wish to share the Microsoft Broadcaster information. Simply “add” all the information. You can include unlimited websites, blogs or groups to this list.

After adding all the required information, you will need to select or click on the “apply” tab option. Then, the Broadcaster service shows a pop up or message about the successful submission of your joining request. It will need a span of two or three days to accept your application and create an account. You will also have to check your spam folder in case the approval mail goes to the spam folder.

Microsoft Broadcaster Approval Mail

After getting the approval email, you can directly go to sign in. Here, you need to accept the terms and conditions by agreeing to them.

microsoft broadcaster sign in

These are general terms and conditions that you accept while creating new accounts in various websites. You will also have to accept that all the previously entered information is true and correct.

microsoft broadcaster terms and conditions

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After doing so, you can configure or add keywords at the end of website’s page. You can choose the topics that interest you and those topics that you want information. You can add all keywords in the given text box region. Microsoft Broadcaster uses “IntelliSense” tool to show you a list of relevant topics pertaining to your keywords as you enter them in the text box.

keywords for microsoft broadcaster

Further, you can also select from the Microsoft Products list that interest you. In such case, you will also get notifications when some new blog or article publishes online, regarding such products. If you cannot find any particular product in the list, you can add it in the textbox area too.

Microsoft products

The final step involves selecting factors or kind of topics and content you want information about. These can be articles, eBooks, podcasts, and webcasts and so on.

form factors

After customizing all information, you need to select “configure my alerts” option to save all settings.

configure my alerts

Subscribing to Microsoft Broadcaster

You can subscribe for automatic alerts to your email or use the Dashboard and manually select customized content.

subscribe to microsoft broadcaster

When you subscribe for alerts, you can include messenger notifications, or email and text alerts whenever new content publishes online. Save all settings when you subscribe. It is also easy to download and add new content from the dashboard snippets for updating your blog on regular basis.

Broadcaster is the best service for information related to online education and technical articles and blogs. It provides only the high quality and relevant content to read and share, thereby saving your time and ensures that you have interesting updates every day.