How To Get Started With OneNote 2010

Most of us have heard of OneNote but don’t know what is it or how exactly is it used. In this article we will tell you in detail about OneNote 2010 and also take you through its many features that will help you organize your day effectively.

How to Install OneNote 2010?

Normally, OneNote is made available to all the users as soon as they install Office 2010. This is a default installation program and is available with each and every edition of Office 2010 (excluding the Starter edition which is only basic in form).

Hence, you will find OneNote 2010 available for use regardless of your working environment. Some users prefer purchasing OneNote separately but it is recommended that OneNote be bought along with your Office edition. This way you will get a better and cheaper deal on your purchase especially if you have 2 or more Office programs installed on your system.

Where Can I Find OneNote?

As mentioned earlier, OneNote is installed on your system by default if you are using Office 2010. You can find OneNote under “Microsoft Office” tab in the “Start” menu. You can also type in OneNote in the “Search” tab for quick results.

If you don’t have Windows as your operating system, or if you haven’t bought OneNote, then you can download it using the latest version of Office Web Application. This application allows you to download the feature-limited version of OneNote. Some people download this version even if they already have the OneNote installed on their systems.

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Features of OneNote

Many people dread using OneNote thinking that it is too complicated. This is far from the truth. OneNote is easy to use since it has been designed to be user-friendly.

But before you become a pro at using OneNote, you will have to go through the example notebook which will explain to you in detail on how to use the OneNote.

All your notes will be neatly complied under the ‘Notebooks’. There are sub-sections under ‘Notebooks’ section and each sub-section has several pages. You can find the Notebook section on the left side. The sections given above the Notebook section work as tabs and the pages are located on the right side of the OneNote homepage.

If you wish to begin a new notebook then select the ‘New Notebook’ program from the File tab. The new notebooks can be found in the Office Web Apps online. This happens by default but is useful because storing notebooks online lets you share them with anyone at anytime and anywhere. However, the notebooks can also be saved on your computer system directly.

You can give your notebooks a different section by simply clicking on the star tab located on the right side of the screen.

Make a new page by either clicking on the “New Page” option on the right or by clicking on the center of the screen.
The pages can be arranged in any manner you want to; they can be inserted within another document or made a part of another group. They can be moved by simply dragging the cursor over them.

You can make usage of OneNote interesting by importing different features from the “Insert” tab. You have the option of using audio files, video files as well as screen shots.