Give Your Desktop Artistic Flair With FotoSketcher

Imagine the refreshing change that you can bring in if you had access to latest and trendy set of desktop wallpapers. Having the conventional choices in the case of your desktop wallpapers must have been bothering you for quite some time now. You can now prefer to change your chosen wallpapers and photos into an artistic form with the help of FotoSketcher.

Steps To Give Desktop An Artistic Flair With FotoSketcher

Have A Peek At FotoSketcher

FotoSketcher For Desktop

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FotoSketcher is a handy application with several creative features to enhance the look and appearance of computer desktop. In fact, you will be able to run the application much faster each time you access it after following the simple installation process.

A couple of photos will be displayed for your requirement whenever you open FotoSketcher. You don’t need exclusive procedures or difficult steps to follow in order to access this trendy application. Going to the Folder Icon with the help of the File Menu will do the needful.

FotoSketcher offers you with flexible accessing options reflecting your latest system requirements. In order to let the users have an enhanced user experience, it is now available in the portable version as well.

After installing FotoSketcher, you need to have a clear look at the menu setup and the options available for you. This will ensure that you will be able to use the application in a customized manner. In fact, it will allow you to renovate your desktop from the scratch.

Convert Your Wallpapers And Pictures

FotoSketcher For Desktop

As soon as you open custom wallpaper or picture using FotoSketcher, a window pops up to ensure that you choose the form that you prefer to convert the wallpaper or picture.

Customize The Desired Wallpaper Or Picture

FotoSketcher For Desktop

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You can now choose a picture / wallpaper of your choice to apply various options such as edge softening, frames, texture variation and inclusion of text. You need to choose the style that perfectly reflects your mood. Users can even experiment with various styles available and have a preview of the appearance of their system.

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Customizing the view of desktop is possible instantly with the proper installation of FotoSketcher. This software application supports popular image formats but is limited to .jpg, .jpeg and .bmp only.

You will be able to draw various style examples depending upon the pictures of your liking. Use FotoSketcher for various styles such as Water Color and Oil Painting to give an artistic feel that never compromises with the quality. The application offers to have pencil sketches, use of ink and framing besides adjusting the texture and adding text.

Redesigning your desktop with some cool designs allowing you to display your creativity is best possible with the advanced options available with FotoSketcher.

Exploring more features is possible once you start using the latest features. Moreover, advanced features are set to be made available as and when the new updates are provided.

Changing the look and feel of your desktop in entirety is possible with FotoSketcher without consuming much of your system storage space. The above steps will be useful in achieving this objective.