Google+ Tips & Tricks: 10 Hints for New Users

Do you seem lost with the new Google+ features? If you are struggling with Facebook’s constant modifications, Google+ might seem alien too. However, here are a few simple tips to minimize your confusion. These top ten tips will help you breeze through content and opinion sharing on Google+.

Add More Information to Google+ Profile

If you do not add any information to your Google+ profile, it will remain as a strange and uninteresting thumbnail. People, who visit your +1 profile, will have no idea about you.

Instead, you can add more information to your avatar, such as, name, designation, location, hobbies and interests. Add your blog link to your +1 profile if you wish to promote your content online on Google+.

Google Circles for Content

You can easily organize your articles and blog content on Google Circles. You can even set up blank circles to manage your content. There is no option to bookmark on Google+ right now.

Hence, you can create bookmark links using the empty Google+ circles. Add links that you wish to read at later time, and create multiple circles. These can serve as bookmarks for your online content. You may even add your own blog links and promote them among other Plussers.

Scroll Profile Pictures on Google+

Interestingly, Google+ allows you to view various profile pictures of a +1 user by clicking on their post page or profile image. When they have multiple pictures, you can view them all as an album immediately.

You can even use cartoon avatars that look similar to Phouthong Luong’s +1 profile.

Disable Post Sharing

It is another neat feature of Google+. It allows you to restrict sharing your content and maintain enough privacy. You can enable the option of “disable re-share” and it prevents re-posting or sharing it with others.

Of course, notorious people may take a screenshot and post it. However, at least you can be clear about keeping the post private. You can also disallow +mentions in the same manner.

Permalinks in Posts

For publicly published posts, you can find the link to that post and copy the URL to share. However, if it is a private post, it may not have such sharing links.

However, you can view the URL link in a new window by clicking on the date and time stamp mentioned for a post.

Drag and Drop Content

The sharing box on Google+ is very simple. You can enlarge this box to drag or drop your content in the box. You can use this drag and drop feature to share videos, images, URL links and other +1 profiles too.

Google+ Circle Visibility

You can publicly display or hide your Google+ circles. Changing the settings for +1 circle is very simple. Go to your profile settings, select ‘edit profile’ option and choose the circles to hide or display.

You can even hide the people who added your avatar to their circles.

Post Notifications

At times, important posts may go unnoticed. Hence, you can set up notifications for people in particular circles and inform regarding your posts. You can notify a 100 people or less.

Go to the circle that you need to share and select the box that says, “Notify about post” to enable this feature.

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Google+ Photo Special Effects

You can add special effects to your photos on Google+ and use I am feeling lucky button too. You can click on your photo and then select action tab. It will show you more options like auto contrast, color, and more options to add special effects to your images.

The last and tenth tip is about finding your Google+ profile through different URL’s that lead to your profile. You can locate Google+ by using many URLs like- or and more.

Use these features, breeze your way through Google’s social network and become a Google+ pro soon.