Guide to Optimize WordPress Database Very Easily

If you are using WordPress and feel that you should improve the database for your help and improve the overall experience then you must know how to optimize your WordPress database. When I first felt that, I searched all over internet and did a great deal of research on the topic! I found many helpful blogs and forums that offered me great tips but I felt nothing was complete.

Finally I found a plugin named Debug Queries. It was the ultimate thing I needed. This plugin was very easy to use and I find ways to improve my WordPress database. Let me tell you what you can do to optimize the WordPress database.

Empty Options

The option tab of WordPress has all the settings for WordPress and plugins. You will find two kinds of options there. One is preloaded options for default WordPress settings and other type is options that are separately installed. When a WordPress page loads, the first thing it does is that it checks if all the default options are turned on to YES. Then it checks the other options. It happens for all the pages separately. I find this disturbing because the checking should be performed once at the startup only. So, it is common for the following query to appear:

SELECT option_value FROM wp_options
WHERE option_name = ‘headspace_global’ LIMIT 1

The problem, surprisingly, was the non-existence of the option headspace_global. That is why it was not loading and showing the problem. It was seen, this problem was a common one and many options were like this. However, the solution to this problem is rather easy. Go to the options tab and add this option. Turn the value of the option to 0 so that it does not affect the site but work as a remedy to the above problem. This is how to add the option in the database:

insert into wp_options ( option_id, option_name, autoload)
values ( ‘0’, ‘test’, ‘yes’)

Doing this is easy but the problem is it becomes irritating after sometimes. I think there should be some great plugin for this to happen automatically when an option is not present.

Planning Your Plugins

Plugins are very important for WordPress site. Plugins are the tools that makes a WordPress site what it is. There are many great plugins available online, for free, which will make your site everything that you want it to be. There are plugins available for every option that a good site needs. Now there is something that you must understand. There are many plugins which act on same things and it can be very harmful for a site. You must plan your plugin collection very well. Make sure they are not contradicting each other and they are not too heavy to load.

None Cached Queries

There will be times when you will find a particular query loading again and again. This is an alarm and you must solve the problem at first. Go to the option and act according to the problem. Try to find out what is going wrong with the option. If you can find out the problem, solve it yourself. If you don’t find a clue, e-mail the plugin author with the detailed problem and the query.