Help Computer Users Remotely with TeamViewer

In earlier days, the only way to provide distant help to someone struggling with computer issues was via telephones. This method of help was more often than not unsuccessful because of obvious reasons. In today’s times, TeamViewer has made this a lot easier for us.

TeamViewer is the software that lets you remotely help anyone who is facing problems with their networking. If the system has a major operating system installed, then TeamViewer allows you to provide help using your computer, the internet, the iPhone or even the iPad.

team viewer

The only requirement is that TeamViewer be installed on your system/gadget as well. This is the only way in which you can give or receive support.

The complete version of TeamViewer is available on the internet for free and can be downloaded for personal use as well. There are some exceptional features in the software that we will discuss later in the article.

How to Set up TeamViewer?

First download the complete version of TeamViewer and then install it on your system. The full version can run on OS X, iOS, Windows and Linux.

downloading team viewer

If the software has been installed successfully you will be able to make connections with a remote computer that uses full version TeamViewer or has TeamViewer QuickSupport.

create team viewer session

Simply share the TeamViewer ID and password and you will get connected. To ensure complete security the passwords are automatically generated each time you log in to TeamViewer.

It is recommended to create a free account on the official website of TeamViewer. This will let you share files, important data as well as instant messages with the people you have remotely connected to.

signing up in team viewer

After signing up, log in to the homepage for TeamViewer. Logging in will give you access to all the people with whom you have established remote connection. This is also the easiest and quickest way of getting in touch with your partners without installing any extra software.

team viewer main

This even helps when you are unable to access you computer but wish to support someone who maybe facing problems with their system.

Once you have created your online account, go to the full version option. Here you will have to enter a username, your email id and provide a password. Doing this will let your partners remotely connect to your system even if they don’t have your 9 digit ID number. Your TeamViewer username is enough for them to connect to you.

team viewer options

Security Control

If you only want to gain access to your personal computer from anywhere (and not connect to others) then go to security options. Clicking on the security options tab will give you a blank field.

security options

Type in a password in this field and secure your connection. You will easily re-connect with your system even without providing a session password.

Access Control

There is also the option of setting up the access control. The feature is useful in case you don’t wish to share all the information available on your system with your partners.

team viewer access control

The fact is that when you remotely connect with someone you actually give them complete access to your personal computer. They can not only access the information on your hard drive but also send you corrupt files.