Here’s Two Android Tools That Can Help Cut Down Your Phone Bills

Smart phones in the market are constantly competing with one another to provide best applications and attract more users. Android phones have become serious competitors of the iPhone and Windows Mobile phones.

Yet, all mobile phone users face the same dreaded problem of exceeding their mobile allowance and high monthly bills. Is it possible to lower Android phone bills using tools and applications?

Android users can now sit back and relax without sweating about the monthly phone bills. As we all know, iPhone has several text and voice apps that promise to lower the phone bill expense. Similarly, two Android tools can also help to cut down the bills of your smart phone. You need two applications called HeyWire and Droid Stats to accomplish this task.

Heywire For Free Text On Android Phones

HeyWire application works over wireless network as well as your data plan. Hence, when at home or places having free wireless internet, you can need not use the data plan. Instead, connect to the WiFi and send free SMS or texts to friends or relatives all over the world. HeyWire application is easy to install and the ultimate social messaging hub.

Why should you use HeyWire Features? HeyWire enables users to send free texts across different countries. The latest update allows picture messaging, provides real time phone number and unlimited texting. HeyWire also allows social media networking using your Android phone.

You can use this tool to connect with friends or family on Twitter, Facebook and instant messengers. All you need to do is to visit the Heywire website to download the free app. After the download, visit “settings” tab to view the Heywire number. Use this number to send and receive free SMS messages.

Monitor Monthly Mobile Usage

It is easy to exceed the monthly talk time and SMS allowance on your phone. Now you can monitor the monthly bills, talk times and texts using Droid stat app for your Android smart phone. Droid stat provides four user-friendly options like monthly menu, billing, application setting and actions.

Monitor your phone allowance using monthly limit menu tab. You can control the monthly expenditure using the billing menu. Applications menu warns the user as they near the expenditure limit for their phone bill. Actions tab enables users to reset their database or perform manual corrections.

Monitoring Monthly Limit on Droid Stat Tool

Interestingly, the monthly limit option on the Droid stat application allows users to keep a tab on their call time limits, free calling minutes, text limits, free SMS, data activation and free data too. You can tap on each tab and set your allowance limit for each month. Once you finish filling all details, click on the application menu to enable the Droid Stat to send alert or notification when you are nearing the call or text limits.

Thus, Android users can make free calls using VoIP services and applications for communicating. Heywire and Droid stat are two best Android tools that can help to cut down on the phone bills. Many times, despite all safety measures, we do incur over expenditure on phone bills. However, using these apps and free internet, you can save a lot more of your phone and SMS bills. Try them today and share with your friends too!