Hide And Unhide Worksheets And Workbooks In Excel 2007 & 2010

Have you ever felt the need of hiding worksheets and workbooks? If not, then consider scenarios such as a confidential workbook, too many unimportant sheets, and several sheets that make navigation from one sheet to another time consuming. In these situations, it becomes inevitable to do something so that you do not lose confidential content and do not get irritated while navigating through the different worksheets in a workbook.

hide unhide worksheets in excel

So mainly, you will need to hide a worksheet that contains private data and a workbook that have both sensitive information and too many worksheets making it look cluttered at the bottom. If hiding is inevitable, so is to unhide. Therefore, you will also need to unhide a worksheet when you want to work with it and workbook when you want to show or share private data among the authorized users. Here’s how to hide and unhide sheets and workbooks in 2007 and 2010.

Hiding And Unhiding Worksheets In Excel 2007/2010

First, select the worksheet by clicking its corresponding tab located at the bottom. In case you want to hide multiple worksheets, select them one by one by holding the Ctrl key.

select cells in excel worksheet

Now, in the Cells group on the Home tab, click the Format drop-down button. In the drop-down list, spot the Visibility section and select Hide & Unhide --> Hide Sheet.

hide sheet in excel

Oh Yes! Just like most commands, even this one has its own shortcut. No, I am not talking about the keyboard shortcut, but rather a shortcut menu. So, alternatively, you can just right-click the sheet’s tab and select the Hide option.

hide sheet option in excel

No matter which method you follow, your worksheet will now not be visible, but other worksheets can still refer to its data. That’s cool!

To unhide a worksheet, just choose the opposite option. In the Format drop-down list, just select Hide & Unhide --> Unhide Sheet or right-click any tangible tab and select the Unhide option.

unhide sheet in excel

unhide sheet option  in excel

Irrespective of the method, the Unhide dialog box will appear wherein you need to select the worksheet to make it visible and click OK.

unhide dialog box

Just keep in mind that at a time, you will be able to unhide only one worksheet.

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Nevertheless, the above methods still do not protect your worksheets as anybody can go and unhide them. This is when the Very Hidden mode comes at your rescue. To apply this mode to a worksheet, press Alt + F11 to open the embedded Visual Basic Editor, select the worksheet from the Project list on the left, and select the Visible property’s value in the Properties window to 2 – xlSheetVeryHidden.

Very Hidden Mode in excel

This will make the Unhide option in the Format drop-down list to vanish. To remove this mode, simply set the property value to 1 – xlSheetVisible.

–1 – xlSheetVisible

Hiding And Unhiding Workbooks In Excel 2007/2010

To hide a workbook, just open it, select the View tab, and click the Hide button in the Window group. As a result, the workbook vanishes and the Unhide button appears just below Hide. Well, this itself speaks how to unhide the workbook.

hiding workbook in excel

Clicking this button will display the Unhide dialog box wherein you need to select the workbook and click OK to open it.

hidden workbook

Moreover, when you hide the workbook and re-open Excel, nobody can open the workbook again until the Unhide button is clicked. Alas! There is no Very Hidden mode for workbooks.