Highlight Text Online Using Wired-Marker

While working online there are many things that come our way, which interests us a lot. Not all the things may be related to our work. However, we certainly may like to save those interesting things  that we stumble upon when surfing. It is a lot easier to bookmark such fascinating things than to label them all.

However, it is not possible to remember all those contents on that page which we saw a while ago, especially if you are surfing a lot. Secondly, what you bookmark is the URL of the page, which means to say that the contents of the page are likely to change. This is enough to prove the bookmarking a waste of time.

Tips To Highlight Text Online Using Wired-Marker


So this is where the Wired-Marker comes into the picture. Wired-Marker works both ways for you. It allows you to highlight and permanently mark the text of your choice on the web page.

Install Wired-Marker


Photo Credit: Wired-marker.org/en/help_getting_started.html

To begin with, install the Wired-Marker addon. Remember to choose the latest version whichever is available. Then, accept and finally click on “Install Now” to add the addon. You will have to restart your Firefox browser so that the addon takes effect.

After Installation

When the addon has been installed, you will be greeted by the addon menu page. It will inform you about the new installed addon. Just close it to move on. The next page will bring you to the Wired-Marker page and show its features. This shows that you are all but ready to begin.

Highlighting The Text On The Web Page


Photo Credit: Tekgazet.com/highlight-web-pages-with-indelible-colored-pens-in-firefox/net/793.html

So this is the most exciting thing about Wired-Marker which you will do now – highlight a part of the text permanently.  Select text you want to mark by highlighting it. Right-click on the page. From the menu select Wired-Marker, then Marker and a color of your choice. The selected text is now highlighted with the color you selected.

Note that this marking is permanent. This is to bring to your notice that there will not be any changes to the page even if you check it after a gap of some days. The marking will still be visible to you. You can test it by clearing your browsing history.

To clear the private data, go to Tools – Clear Private Data. When the dialog box opens, select “Browsing History” and click “Clear Private Data Now”. If you navigate back to the original page, you will notice that the highlighted text is still as it is on the web page.

Remove The Permanent Marking

As stated above, you will not be able to clear the marking through the conventional way. You have marked the text through Wired-Marker and so you can clear it through Wired-Marker only. To do so, right-click on the selected text, to go Wired-Marker and click on “Clear This Marker”.

In the course of time, if you need to find the pages that you had once highlighted the text on, hit the “Alt+X” combination. From the menu that pops up, select the color that you used for highlighting the text matter. It will show you what text you have highlighted in the past.